Thursday, March 26, 2009


MAZAL TOV SHOSH & DOVID!!! IT'S A BOY!!!!!! I'm an auntie (or am I an uncle?!)!!!

What else is news? Well, today was my first day of Pesach Vacation and it was an awesome one.

This morning I woke up thinking that I had wet my bed, but it turns out that I was in the clear. My hot water bottle had decided that 3 working winters was all that it wanted to give and so it sprung a leak. It has now been relegated to the trash heap.

Then I went to the gym and had a totally incredible work-out. Not too many people were there and the really nice 'trainer' was there so all in all - it was quite enjoyable.

Next on the agenda was a pathetic attempt at straightening up the kitchen. I managed to get most of the dishes washed and put my chicken soup up to cook for Shabbos.

In the meantime Becca arrived in Jeru with all of her suitcases and she left them at The Ranch while we headed out to Shaarei Zedek to visit with Shosh and her new itty bitty babykins.

After a really enjoyable 2 hour 'visit' (during non-visiting hours) Becca and I headed out to town. First for some pizza in town and then to Kikar Safra to pick up last week's Kad V'chomer stuff. (For out 1st anniversary Z and I went to Kad V'chomer (a pottery painting studio place) and painted mugs together.) The mugs came out looking very cute and I'll take pictures someday soon when I remember to (or you could come and visit and see them for yourself.)

After Kad V'chomer Becca and I parted ways for a bit. I headed out with Feige on an almost severely overdue girls night out. We went for baguettes and they were gooooood. It was really nice to shmooze and catch up. I enjoy our outings.

I was a very very nice wife and even took a pastrami stuffed baguette home for Z (along with my left-over french fries - which I'd been too full to finish.)

A few minutes after getting home Becca and Reuven came to pick up Becca's bags and shlep them to the apt. she's staying at in Ramat Eshkol.

B'kitzur - it was all in all a really really wonderful day.

And now it's almost Shabbos.


Till next time...
Over & Out.
Rodger Dodger that.

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The Simons said...

We did the same thing for our 1st anniversary!!

How long is Becca there for?

ps....coming for Pesach, maybe I can see you?