Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hello World! It's me again! I'm trying to get back on track after a craaaazy weekend and an awesome Purim.

School today was interesting because we learned all about creating buttons in Flash. We also received our 'final assignment' which is to incorporate everything we've learned into a lovely little site. Wish me luck - it's going to take HOURS upon hours...

I'm being a lazy bum today and skipping the gym because I've decided that it's more important to clean my house for Shabbos and get my cooking done. I will try to get to the gym tomorrow (I hope I'll have the time.) We're having 3 guys over for Shabbos, so I kind of want to get the guest room semi-organized. Ever since I've started doing my homework at home I've sort of let the housework kind of, well, I guess you could say - 'slide' - but just a teeeensy bit - hehe, yeah, ok, I'm lying. It's actually dirty enough to be grossing me out.

Anywho, things are gong well and I should really go start my cooking so that I can start my cleaning so that I can start my homework but I just wanted to say hi.

Here's a link so that you can see all the fun we had on Purim.

Well, not ALL the fun (cause there aren't any pictures of our visit to the Wolickis', of my haircut, of the countless hours playing with Oscar Be Wild, of our PJ party, of me stealing Phil's toothbrush, of the neverending supply of hot-water and some other stuff) but the pictures will give you a good summary of most of the fun we had. If you want to experience it all - next time - come and spend the time with us... :)

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tnspr569 said...

Looks like you're having fun, as usual.