Monday, March 30, 2009

Ritchie, Ditchie, Squitchie!!!

Woke up kind of late this morning (ok, so it was only 8:00) but I managed to pull myself together and get myself out of the house and to the gym. After a great workout I made my way home to get dressed and then I went to Geulah to meet up with Becca. We spent a lovely morning wandering around Geulah, Town and everywhere in-between in search of cute pre-tied bandanas which don't slide. We also got bagels for breakfast and Brooklyn Bakery treats which we only ate after walking allll the way back to The Ranch in the craaaaazy wind.

Today's 'Pesach Cleaning Effort' involved washing yesterday's dirty dishes and then an interesting activity which I've been meaning to take care of for quite some time. (Even more pressingly since I joined the gym...)
On the bright side - my mitpachot are now allllll clean and they even have the deeeliciously relaxing gentle scent of lavender. On a funny note - hand-washing them has stained my fingers an interesting shade of grayish-purplish. But as they say, lo norah. On a 'down to earth note' this chore didn't really have any connection to Pesach cleaning whatsoever. Oh well. At least I did something.

In other exciting news - Mazal Tov to Tova & Simcha Simon on the birth of a baby boy! A little early, but b"H all is well. I guess that makes me a cousin once more remove-ed.

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