Sunday, May 31, 2009

Iced Tea & Cookies

Wow, I am kind of in shock that Shavuot is over. Wasn't it just Purim? It's hard to believe that time is passing so quickly. Since last I blogged, school has officially ended. I handed in my portfolio and now I'm just waiting for my certificates. In the meantime I'm doing a few freelance projects - but that's not really overly interesting stuff.

Last week I spent a lot of time hanging out with Rebecca. Daddy came into Jeru on Tuesday and we got to spend a whole morning together while the car was getting tuned up. I even went to the gym 3 times. (Yeah, only 3 times - it was a short week - since Shavuot started Thursday night and all...) We were in Bet Shemesh for the holiday and then for Shabbos (since it was a 2 day chag/shabbos deal.) And then this morning we got a ride into Jeru with Mommy, Daddy and Freddie and after dropping Freddie off at school we went out for Brunch. It was quite a nice day overall.

I took a 4 hour nap this afternoon to make up for lack of napping over Shavuot and Shabbos. (2 days of nothing to do and I didn't even get a 1/2 hour nap. Go figure.) I woke up super refreshed and finally sat down to finish organizing my digital portfolio. Technically it's finished but I'm pretending to be a perfectionist so there are a few more projects that I would like to put together in order to include in the file. Anywho - I sent it 'as is' to a potential client when I finished and am waiting to hear back from her regarding a project. Overall, I think it looks good - so I'm pretty gosh darned pleased with myself.

Here is a link to a few pictures from May. I haven't really been taking many photos and it's kind of getting me down. Remember when I used to document everything on here AND there were pictures to go along with 60% of the posts?! What happened to me? I guess I got busy - or maybe I got lazy? I'm not really sure which is the real reason.

I'm off now - a blue ice-pop and then I think maybe I'll go to sleep.

Toodles. :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Lately I've found myself a bit confused regarding the date, month and sometimes even year. I am convinced that it is a direct consequence of not being in a setting where the date actually matters. (Unless of course it's Friday, in which case I should probably be getting ready for Shabbos.) I find it pointless to wear my 'just for show watch' (which I have trouble reading due to lack of numbers) and checking my phone doesn't really help because a few seconds later I've already forgotten the hour. Lately it's even hard to tell the season thanks to the random changes in the weather patterns. Hot, cold, hot, cold, sandy, cold, hot... Yeah, you get the picture. Ok, maybe not - but this is my soapbox so just do me a favor and smile & nod. Thanks much.

So, what's happened this week so far? Sunday was a quiet boring sort of day, class in the afternoon and not much else going on. Monday morning Becca and I went out to the shuk to do some grocery shopping for the Lag B'omer bbq which we hosted for Freddie, Phil, 2 friends of Freddies and Z even made it home on time to eat with us. Tuesday was a 'don't leave the house day' - I got dressed because Akiva came over (it was his b-day so I even made a cake) but aside from loads of dishes, I didn't do much. And that brings us to today - Wednesday. I decided that a 2nd day of 'not leaving the house day' was a bad idea - so I went to the gym, cheaperkol, bakery, local office supply store and then made my way home. (Yay for 6 km of walking and a workout!) Oh, and I was SUCH a good girl - I refrained from indulging in an iced coffee. Yes, that's a BIG deal for me. So, pat on the back please. Thanks again.

Back at The Ranch I looked through 7 years worth of photos. (2003-current.) Gosh, Avi was so cute, I was so skinny, Brenda was such a dork (hehe, I REALLY DO love you and you've turned out as QUITE the beauty so don't worry!), Oxford Court was - ok, I'm not sure what, and Daddy hasn't changed... Anyway, it was A LOT of pictures. I'd love to make something out of them - but I'm not quite sure what to do. I'll have to think about it.

Now it's 4PM and Z won't be home from school for a few more hours. I've calculated that it will take me about 30-40 minutes to make dinner (with all the chopping, cutting, cooking, boiling, stirring and washing. Yeah, there's lots of washing to do. A whole bunch from yesterday too. Ok, I'm not going to think about that now.) so if I need to leave 40 minutes tops to make dinner then that means I've got another 2 hours and 20 or so minutes of free time until I'm not home alone going stir-crazy and sort of out of my mind. Comforting.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

In the Dollhouse

Hello world! Well, it seems that I've allowed April to slip on by without even one post. Honestly nothing much happened. The 'big' stuff; Pesach, no school for a whole month, Yom Haatzmaut turned out nicely hiking Sataf and BBQ with the family. And that's about it.

Now things are just getting back into routine. This is my third-to-last week of school. I've been printing out my portfolio bit by bit and it's slowly coming together. We're looking for a place to move to out in Ariel at the beginning of August. Due to scheduling conflicts and ticket prices we won't be flying to the US this summer but we're planning a nice little getaway to either Turkey (haha) or the Dead Sea (also haha) at some point after moving and all that jazz is squared away.

I'm supposed to be building a website for a real 'live' client - but I'm lacking inspiration and due to a lack of logo or any beginning point I'm sort of at a loss for where to start.

I don't have anything overly perky or exciting to say but figured that since it's been over a month that I should probably update you (or myself for future reference as the case may be.)

More to follow at some point.

I hope.