Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fizzleberry Pops

Hello world. I'm still alive. I've decided to post a little something because I can't think of any other way to escape from the dreadful monotony of filling suitcases. It's crazy to think that putting stuff into bags can tucker a person out to the point where they want to sleep for days on end.

So, since last I posted a whole bunch of things have come to pass. Click here for a photo summary of June...

Most importantly and life-alteringly, we are in the process of packing up The Ranch and moving out to Ariel in the Shomron. Click here to see some pictures of the apartment so far... Of course, the majority of the packing falls to me - as the 'wife' I'm supposed to know what goes where and how to fit things most neatly into suitcases/boxes/bags and so forth.

Brenda is in Merry Ca working at CGI 'Manalapan' so I haven't seen her since the beginning of June. Becca left Israel a couple of weeks ago and since then I've been pretty miserable cause I've got nobody to hang out with. Shosh flew off to the US/Canada this past motzei shabbat, so I haven't even got anyone to call and shmooze with. And Z has STILL been finishing up a whole bunch of schoolwork, tests, homework and presentations. So I've still been alone a lot. Pretty sad, huh?

I canceled my gym membership so I haven't really had a reason to even leave the house lately. Mostly I canceled because I knew that we were moving and I also canceled because joining the gym was a HUGE flop - instead of losing weight I wound up gaining an additional few pounds and I don't care whether it's muscle or not - my reason for trying to lose weight was so that I would be able to fit into the clothes that I wore 15 short months ago and that I haven't fit into since. *sigh*

In the last 2 weeks I've also been trying to remember whether this is the hottest summer that I've ever spent in Israel or whether I really miss working in an air-conditioned office. It's been so ridiculously shmoiling in the apartment that most mornings I wake up sweating and having trouble breathing the hot muckish air into my lungs and the feeling continues throughout the day. Even taking ice cold showers doesn't help, mostly for the reason that there's absolutely NO cold water to be had. The water that comes out of the cold tap is actually very-lukewarm. Oh and have I mentioned a complete lack of breezes? Those gorgeous breezes which usually blow through the place and cross-ventilate beautifully have completely disappeared. All in all - it's hot.

So, it's now 10:15 in the morning and so far I have; packed the bag for the upcoming 'extended stay' in Bet Shemesh, packed 2 more suitcases of junk to move, made baked ziti to take to Ariel for lunch for Z who was too lazy to make himself a sandwich this morning, polished & packed the silver and I can't quite figure out what else to do. I mean, I know there's PLENTY more to pack, but between the heat and the packing I literally have no energy. The only thing more depressing is the fact that I'd actually rather be packing than sitting in front of the computer. Yeah, sounds crazy, doesn't it?

There are 3 empty suitcases left but I'm not quite sure what to fill them with. "What's left to pack?" you ask. I'll tell you - A bazillion odds and ends things which I don't want to throw out (because they're projects I'm working on - like that stupid cookbook...), Z's cabinet of arts-n-crafts stuff, my jewelry boxes (all empty - because I'm too lazy to actually put the stuff back into them), my old schoolbooks and notes (which I can't seem to part with for some ridiculous reason), dairy dishes, meat dishes, parve glass stuff, glasses, wineglasses, 2 tea sets which I've got absolutely no use for, channukah stuff, pesach stuff, and did I mention the bazillion odds and ends which are just lying around?

It's also extremely frustrating to have 2 HUGE baskets of laundry to wash and not be able to. This '9 days' thing is just RIDICULOUS!

I'm also a little bit miffed about the whole 'lack of vacation this summer' thing. We had planned on flying to Merry Ca for a little bit this summer (and were provided with the perfect excuse, a sister-in-law's wedding) however, the simcha was scheduled for Sunday afternoon and not just any Sunday afternoon - the Sunday afternoon following a Thursday Tisha B'Av. *sigh* Why couldn't they make the thing one day later? Then we could have been there. It's really really really really really really really (getting the point?) upsetting to me. Mostly because Z & I waited an additional 2.5 months to tie the knot so that his family could be there and they couldn't even have the decency to wait one more day. *shrugs hopelessly* I just don't understand people.

On a happier note - supposedly Freddie, Sara and Raizi want to come and visit us for Shabbat in Ariel. I reckon that'll be fun (if they actually come anyway.) I'm not really expecting to have too many guests while living there just because it's so darn far from everything.

Speaking of being far from everything - I've decided that since our new apt. is at the top of the hill and 2 km. from the closest grocery store that I won't be buying groceries for the next few years. The way I figure it - If I'm saving 250 Shekel a week by not buying food then in about 3-4 years I'll be able to afford a nice car and maybe even have a bit extra tucked away for the petrol and then I'll actually be able to enjoy living in the middle of nowhere.

And speaking of money - I've been trying to figure out this whole 'job' business. I really really really don't want to have to go and get a job in an office in Petach Tikva or Tel Aviv. I'd MUCH rather work from home. However, in order to 'start my own business' I'd need to do a ton of paperwork and all sorts of stuff which is waaay too complicated for my little brain. I need a business manager but haven't currently got the money to pay anyone. Hahaha. Convolutedness. Also - as a 'newbie' in the field, I haven't got an official price-list and I haven't really got too much experience. People tell me that my work is nice, but of course I don't believe them. It's not my pessimism showing through, it's just reality - it's like telling someone that their newborn baby is beautiful when honestly the kid just looks like a squashed tomato.

I hate mosquitoes. A lot. I've got somewhere between 7-9 bites on my feet and 6-8 bites on my arms not to mention the 2 that are in unreachable spots on my back. At least I haven't been bitten on the eyelid again in the past week.

Alright, I suppose I should probably stop procrastinating and go pack some more. I've filled up almost the same amount of bags as last time and I'm not sure whether there will be room in the car for everything. Especially if the parents BOTH come and if they bring the Dibble and Moonbeam (who is The Drummer nowadays.)

I'm kind of feeling better after getting that off my chest. At least I got a break from packing, I guess that's what matters, right?