Monday, August 03, 2009

I HATE Pigeons...

I hate putting disclaimers on posts but I'm a tad stressed out from this 'moving' business for a multitude of reasons, I'm also very upset about missing a wedding yesterday and I haven't had a chance to do a bunch of things which I needed to accomplish before moving out of the city. I'm also annoyed because after spending all of yesterday on about 3 hours of sleep, I woke up to the annoying sound of some idiot hammering who knows what together outside in the middle of the street at 7:00 in the freaking morning.

This afternoon we're moving the '2nd to last' wave of stuff out to the new place. As far as I can tell - tomorrow when the movers come to move the furniture there really won't be very much to take with us aside from the very last odds and ends.

I spent a couple of hours on the phone with Bezeq yesterday trying to sort out the phone line and internet in the new place. Unfortunately after going back and forth over details of who owns the apartments and who is renting the apartments and where the apartments are and who is going to pay for the services they informed me that it is impossible to set up a phone line or internet because according to Bezeq our building doesn't exist.

On a happy sort of note - Sammy cut my hair on Motzei Shabbat and it looks oh so cute. When I put it up in a ponytail it reaches just past my shoulders. I think maybe I'll rethink my dress style once I move. I'm sick of this religion garbage. So why should I shvitz and keep my head covered just because I'm married. It's none of anyone else's business anyway. While I'm at it - this long sleeves business is complete bonk too. Who needs it anyway?! If some higher power wants me to keep all of me covered up then they should make it so that there's a manageable amount to keep covered up and that I wasn't quite so huge.

I'm having a crappy day from the outset if you can't tell and don't really have to much positive to write. I just figured that writing might help me cool down a bit. It used to but at this point (since whatever I write comes back to me from all sources who read this stupid blog) writing just frustrates me more.

Stay tuned - I'm thinking of 'privatizing' this site so that only people with specific permissions (ie: me) can access it. Wouldn't make much of a difference (since according to stat-counter I don't get too much traffic anymore - guess it's cause I stopped posting frequently and regularly.) Anyway, don't be surprised if next time you come to this site it says you aren't authorized to view it - just means I'm sick of hearing people talk about what was upsetting me when I last posted. I ALREADY KNOW WHAT WAS BOTHERING ME - THAT'S WHY I WROTE IT!!! Anyway - if you follow this blog - pretend it's top-secret material which can't be discussed with anyone else otherwise I won't post ever again. Thank you.

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Miryam said...

I hate pigeons too...