Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ice Cream Sundaes...

Good Morning and welcome to another beeeeauuuutiful day in paradise! I woke up this morning to the smell of fresh air and a wonderfully cool breeze.

Today we're staying local. We have to pick up a package at the post office, explore some new parts of the city and return our neighbor's concrete-drill (now that we've finally hung / affixed / secured all necessary cabinets and the like to the walls.)

Which brings me to a summary of yesterday's events...

Waaaay back when we went to Ikea with Saba & Savta and Mommy & Daddy to purchase kitchen cupboards and bedroom closets I got my heart set on a specific wire-basket to place towards the bottom of the meter long closet to hold all of our shoes in. Of course, they didn't have it in stock. On our 2nd trip to Ikea with Mommy and Akiva we were also unsuccessful in securing the drawer, however we did order a second cabinet for the kitchen (and they gave us taller legs for the cabinet than they had given us for the first one which we didn't realize until after putting the cabinet together and standing it up next to the first one. I wasn't overly pleased to realize that the new cabinet stood about 5 cm taller than the first one.)

So, this past Monday night we checked the Ikea website and noticed that lo and behold Ikea supposedly had our wire drawer in stock! Finally! We said a little prayer that they wouldn't be sold out by the time that we got there and began planning our journey.

We left the house at 9:05 Tuesday morning and started walking towards the bus stop. Much to our dismay there were no signs where the Egged website had indicated that there would be 'stops' so we kept walking, following the bus route and looking for a sign that had the bus number on it. 2 km later we finally found one and just in the nick of time, because 3 minutes later the bus pulled up almost 5 minutes ahead of schedule. The bus we were taking was a #73 which goes from Ariel to Netanya by way of Emmanuel, Kedumim and a whole bunch of other random places. (The bus ride takes approximately 2 hours - while driving directly takes no more than 40 minutes.)

At 11:40 we arrived in Netanya and hopped on a #15 inner-city bus to Ikea. That ride took us 1/2 an hour but luckily dropped us off right across the street from where we needed to be (we had been unsure where we would be dropped off and had anticipated walking about a km to the store - so this was a very pleasant surprise.) We waited on line to get through security, stopped off at the restrooms in the entrance (that's what they're there for after all) and then headed up the HUGE escalator into Ikea-Land.

We made a beeline straight for the bedroom ordering area and said to the nice salesman "we want a meter long wire drawer" He put the order in and we did a dance of glee, we had successfully secured the drawer. We made our way over through Ikea-Kiddie-Land and payed for our purchase. To celebrate our victory we enjoyed some tomato soup in a bread bowl for lunch.

Our second stop was at Customer Service. We showed them the 'legs' and explained that we needed the shorter ones. They gave us no problems, printed out an order for the new legs and even returned the 10 shekel difference in price. I was ecstatic!

We went back to the beginning of the 'fun stuff' area, set a 100 shekel limit and walked through just to waste some more time. We wound up with a cute little set of screws and dibbles, a new wire whisk and a nice sized vanilla scented candle. After paying for our purchases we picked up our drawers and cupboard-legs. Then we realized that the next 'direct' bus back to Ariel wasn't scheduled to leave Netanya until 5pm - and here it was 2pm and we were done with everything that we had come to accomplish.

We decided that it was time to head Home in any which way that we could. So we walked out to the #15 bus stop and 1/2 an hour later we were back at Netanya's tachana merkazit right in time to catch the #947 bus out to the Yarkon Junction (at the side of the highway where Rt. 2 and Rt 5 meet up.) At the Yarkon Juntion we waited for bus #186, 86, or 286 which come from Tel Aviv and Petach Tikvah and go to Ariel via Barkan. We only waited about 20 minutes and finally an 86 pulled up. So we got a little tour of Barkan on the way back and 40 minutes later the bus dropped us off right across the street from our building.

We made our way inside - put the kitchen cupboard's legs on, installed the drawer in our bedroom closet, secured the kitchen cupboard to the wall using the new dibbles, put the shelves in and finally made a delicious dinner of scalloped potatoes (it was the best way I could think of to use up the left-over chicken soup.)

The End.

If you're wondering what else we've been up to I added some new photos to this album (they're at the end on pages 4 & 5 but you can look through the whole album again if you'd like) you should definitely check them out.

Overall, we've been keeping ourselves busy and have really been enjoying. This past Shabbat we even had 4 girls stay by us and last week a friend of mine came to stay over for the night.

It's really great here.

You should come and visit too!

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