Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hello world. I'm feeling decidedly better, calmer, more settled and definitely happier than the last time I posted.

Things have been going pretty well. We've been living in the middle of nowhere for 13 days now and the truth of the matter is that it isn't all that bad. Buses are subsidized by the government so it only costs 2.70 NIS to get anywhere in the city and it is all green and pretty so it's very nice to walk. It's a bit frustrating to live 2 km from the closest grocery store - but I think I've managed to stock up on enough food to last us for a good 2 weeks or so. Aside from the whole 'spread-out-ness' of the place there are plenty of good things; this city has a branch of every municipal office that someone might need located in the center of town, the peacefulness and quiet of the hills, the incredible views (including sunsets), the incredible breeze which blows in from the hills and cools our entire apartment, the kitchen is absolutely wonderful and I love tinkering around in all of the kosher space... There's tons more but I'm too lazy to type it all (especially since then people might get the idea that I'm actually enjoying it here, which wouldn't necessarily be too far off from the truth.)

The most annoying part is really just getting from 'nowhere' to 'somewhere' but I suppose that's a lesson that most people need to learn in all sorts of aspects of life.

I wrote out a 'to-do' list last week. There's a whole bunch of arts-n-crafts projects to finish, this week we're having a number of visitors, I'm hoping to go out for a day to visit a friend who lives in another mostly-middle-of-nowhere city nearby and there are actually quite a few tasks which need to be taken care of which frankly I'm completely disinterested in actually completing.

I've begun the job-hunt although not in any serious capacity (it's one of those 'have to but don't want to' things I wrote about above.) I never should have quit my job - I've gotten used to the life of school and fun and don't have any interest in going back to taking orders from other people. I didn't mind doing school-work as much as working in an office because I knew that I was acquiring skills and helping myself while slaving away. Of course, working in an office is nice if you can work there during the day and not have to think about it when you go home (homework has never made me overly ecstatic) but still - the thought of having to find a job, kind of makes me sick to my stomach. I like the whole 'girl cooks, boy works' thing - but that won't be happening around here any time in the next 5-7 years. *sigh* My own fault I suppose.

On a happier sort of note, I finally took my ice-cream-maker for a test whirl last week and experimented with lemon sorbet. I've got to admit that I'm not sure why the recipes that came with the machine were even included in the pamphlet. Like a novice I followed the directions to a 'T' even though anyone in their right mind (which I evidently am not) would have realized that 1 cup of sugary-syrup stuff to 2 cups of lemon juice wasn't exactly going to balance out the taste. Talk about puckering-up... Suffice it to say - I wound up adding an extra 2 cups of the sugar-syrup stuff. Mommy ate 2 scoops when she came to visit on Thursday (after our Ikea trip) but I didn't actually manage to get a final verdict from her. I've never been a lemon sorbet person but Z likes lemon best, which was why I tried it first... For now it's sitting in the freezer so if you'd like some homemade experimental lemon sorbet, just let me know. I'm seriously debating whether to keep the apparatus pareve or to actually use it as a real full on dairy ice cream maker. I've found some recipes that look ridiculously delicious and am quite torn regarding what to do.

Religion always seems to get in the way. *sigh*

Today I think I'll take a nice walk. I'm looking at a map and trying to decide on a route. Do I want to go 2 km, 8 km, 16 km? It's a tough decision. Especially because it's almost all downhill no matter where I walk to and it's all uphill to get back home.

Maybe I'll go finish my book first, then get dressed and take a walk, then do some arts-n-crafts. I actually have to get some 'fine' sand-paper so that I can sand and oil my 'kitchen block.' I love the fact that the kitchen counters are kosher which means that I can wipe them down and knead my challah straight on them, but I like the idea of having a 'bread board' - guess I'm spoiled or something. Maybe I'll start making noodles and in some 30 years I'll have made a dent in my board from kneading so much dough too.

Ah, what lofty aspirations...

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Deborah said...

You sound like you're enjoying yourself!! Hope the chocolate sorbet was better than the lemon.
Can't wait to come visit
lots of love partner