Tuesday, September 01, 2009

900th Post...

Can you believe it? This is my 900th post?! (I suppose I would have been here a lot more quickly if I'd been a loyal blogger - but still, I made it!)

What's been going on? Loads of stuff - I've been keeping myself busy and more or less out of trouble.

Last Wednesday I attended a night out with the ladies, a shiur about 'covering hair' and then a mitpachat-tying-demonstration and sale. On Thursday Mommy, Phil, Shaindel and Dibble came to visit us and then gave us a lift back to Bet Shemesh where we spent a wonderful Shabbat. Shabbat afternoon we visited Saba & Savta. Sunday morning we went to the plant nursery and picked out a few herbs to grow on our mirpeset and then Mommy drove us Home. Oh yeah, and we got pizza on the way. Yummy yummy pizza.

Yesterday was relatively quiet - we didn't go anywhere or do anything overly exciting. Although I did spend about 7 hours working on the peppermint gum-wrapper chain and am pleased to announce that I've finally folded and linked all 518 peppermint gum-wrappers which were in my possession. I also made AWESOME old style macaroni and cheese for dinner. The trick was adding a bit of cream to the sauce and I put little cherry-tomato slices on top. It looked so cute!

Today was supposed to be grocery shopping day but that didn't actually happen. It's alright, our kitchen is so well stocked that we could last in here for at least 2 months. (Well, as long as we didn't want any fresh vegetables anyway.) I did make fluffy heavenly pancakes for breakfast. On an interesting note, Z found out that as citizens of Ariel that we are entitled to a free library membership, so we signed up and can now take out 4 books at a time and have a month to return them. (Just to 'test it out' he checked out "The Dilbert Principle" - I think it's just for laughs - but I'm sure we'll both read it.)

The afternoon was mostly spent staring at our new little garden and reading. Don't worry, since I hadn't done anything else useful I actually made dinner for a second night in a row. I marinated chicken-breasts in Italian dressing (yes yes - my FAVORITE lazy chicken dinner) and then made tin-foil packets to bake them in, to keep in all of the juices of course. The chicken was served over cous-cous. It was overall, quite good.

Women's basketball was called for 9:00 PM. I caught a bus to take me 3 km down the hill - and the ride took a lot less time that I'd expected. It was alright though - I took along the spearmint gum-wrapper chain to work on. There only ended up being 3 of us, so first we just shot some random hoops and then played a whole bunch of 1-on-1. It was exhausting but really great! I need to start, how should we say, moving again. I decided to hoof it home but at 10:40 halfway up the hill I was pooped and I knew that the 9:30 bus from Tel-Aviv would be arriving any moment - so I lingered near the bus-stop and a few moments later - there it was, right on time.

I was home within 5 minutes and that's where we're up to now. I've caught you up to the present and now that I've finished snacking on my handful of chocolate chips I think it's time to get some shut-eye.

Tomorrow is another day. On the 'to-do list' are; dishes, laundry, inviting a Shabbos guest, grocery shopping, baking cookies and I'm sure I'll find more stuff tomorrow once I've gotten started on what I already know about.

There's always more to do.