Monday, November 16, 2009

Chocolate Pudding...

Hang on just a second...I'm just fishing a fuzz out of my glass of water.

Alright, that's better.

Yesterday I painted (my sad, short, bitten nails) with my favorite purple-y color. They'll be nice and long again in about a week and a half or so. Also, have I ever mentioned that I think that 'insta-dri anti-chip top-coat' is absolutely brilliant? Apply a coat 2 minutes after applying the nail-polish and *poof* your nails are dry in 30 seconds. Seriously. It's awesome stuff.

Aside from the nail-painting, yesterday was extremely boring. I caught up on all of my TV shows from last Thursday and didn't cook anything (yup, you heard me. I decided that there were enough left-overs in the fridge. Maybe I'm sick? Then again, maybe I'm thinking logically for once.)

Last night I crawled into bed niiiiice and early (read: 9:45PM) I thought I'd read for a bit but would you believe that I actually fell asleep at 10? Either I'm getting old or I'm even more bored than I thought I was.

This morning I woke up at 8. Yup 8. That's what, 10 hours of sleep? Nobody needs 10 hours of sleep. At least, I've never needed 10 hours of sleep. I think I've been sleeping too much.

I did accomplish 2 important things this morning. One was actually showering (I know, that sounds really gross - but I just don't feel the need to shower on a daily basis when I'm not going to leave my house and especially because showering really aggravates my super-dry skin.) The other thing I did was convince Z to take the rest of the left-over yellow cake with chocolate glaze and sprinkles (from Shabbos) to school with him and to feed it to his classmates. Much better them than me. That was my thought anyway.

I've been considering my 'to do' list since Z left at 9:50 (that was 2 hours ago for anyone who was wondering.) Ideally I should be funneling all efforts and energies into organizing the closets in my room, the kitchen cupboards and the shelving unit in the guest room. I'm not. (If you couldn't tell.) I'm sitting and blogging, and checking the news, and eating pitot with chumus and doing just about anything which doesn't require actual physical effort - well, with regard to organizing.

I've got to admit, I feel a bit guilty sitting here playing on the computer and being so darn unproductive. Especially considering I have a project to do on the computer too. Meaning that if I were just a bit less pathetic I would be sitting and typing up recipes for the cookbook that I'm meant to be putting together and that wouldn't be organizing my house or anything like that - but it would still mean that I was accomplishing something that's on my list of things to-do. So, I guess that's why I'm not doing it. Instead I'm rambling on in a blog-post in an attempt to procrastinate just a tiny bit longer. Sad, huh? Yeah, I think so too.

Tonight there's supposed to be a meteor shower. Friends of ours told us about it and now we're all psyched to see it. I'm guessing that we'll be able to see pretty well from our mirpeset (since we live a bit to the left of the end of the world.) Now I'm trying to decide what warm and yummy filling kind of soup to make for dinner that we can eat while watching the show. Maybe I'll make some fresh rolls too. That sounds pretty yummy. I guess I should also sweep/wash the mirpeset - that way we can just spread a quilt on the floor for the 'event' tonight.

Tomorrow I'm going to Jerusalem. I've got a few errands to run, and then I'll be meeting up with Shosh and Debs in town. I reckon it'll be quite nice. Although according to the weatherman it's supposed to rain tomorrow. I guess I'll take a jacket with me...

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