Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Chopping Broccoli...

Yesterday I woke up bright and early and baked some buttermilk cinnamon muffins for breakfast. I'm convinced that it was the right way to go because the day went relatively smoothly. Best part - it only rained a teeny bit.

Although yesterday morning was idyllic and peaceful this morning was an absolute comedy.

I woke up at 7:00. The sky was bright blue and the sun was shining. I decided to make popcorn as a treat for myself and of course so that Z could take some to school as a snack. (Please note: I have never successfully made popcorn in a pot before. The last time I attempted I didn't know the correct protocol and was cooking on an electric stove so it turned into a big icky mess of burnt kernels and oil. However, I have since been instructed in the correct procedure by a good friend and so was willing to 'give it a go' as they say.)

I took out a pot, I measured out about 3/4 of a cup of popcorn kernels (I know, I know - that's A LOT of popcorn), I looked at the kernels and at the pot and tried to decide whether or not the pot would be big enough - satisfied that it would suffice (or that it might just get a bit tight inside towards the end) I put some oil in the bottom of the pot and let it begin to heat up, I dropped in 3 kernels and waited to hear them pop.

*pop* *POP* *pop* - and ready set go...

I poured in the kernels, put the lid of the pot on and waited for the magic to happen. Sure enough some 30 seconds later I heard the popping begin. At this point I began to get nervous, I wondered again whether I'd made the right choice in using such a small pot. I bent down to get a bowl out of the cupboard and when I stood up, I knew I'd miscalculated somewhere along the line.

The pot was on the stovetop and the lid of the pot was going up and up and up. When the popcorn tower had raised the lid about 4 inches off of the pot I shut the fire and about one more inch and 8.3 seconds later the entire popcorn column exploded sending popped-corns from one end of my kitchen to the other. At this point I was laughing hysterically and running around the kitchen trying to collect my popcorn.

Mind you, it didn't help that there were STILL kernels popping in the pot!


That's been my morning so far. In a nutshell anyway.

The good news is that the window repair people and the 'dud chashmal' people are supposed to come today to fix the lack of hot water issue and to fix the window issues. I'll keep you posted, but the week has definitely improved.

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