Monday, November 09, 2009


Look at me! I'm blogging! Kind of consistently! How cool?! I know. It's great.

Recap of the last few days - we spent Shabbat in Bet Shemesh with the parents and were there especially to spend time with Eli (Namnam) who went off to join the Israeli Defense Force this morning. He'll be property of the IDF for the next 3 years or so. It was a very nice weekend. I played Bananagrams for the first time ever and I really enjoyed it! (Even though the status of the word 'lube' remains under discussion.)

On Sunday Mommy drove us back Home. Along the way she graciously allowed us to do a 'Yesh' grocery shopping. (Gosh having a car sure makes it easier to get heavy groceries home.) We also got some yummy pizza for lunch and then we loaded up her new mini-computer with hours and hours worth of entertainment.

Last night I went out to play some basketball with the gals and it was a whole lot of fun. A whole bunch of Israeli women have joined the game and although it means that there are more players - they are fierce and rough players. I have to admit - it used to be more fun when it was about the socializing and exercise and enjoying time with friends rather than skirmishing over the ball and accidentally whacking people in the face while trying to rip the ball from their grasp.

This morning Z humored me and woke up a whole hour before he had to leave the house to get to class. I had woken up an hour earlier than him and made hashbrowns for breakfast. We enjoyed them with hot chocolate and the most recent episode of How I Met Your Mother.

I also spent this morning on the phone with 'fix-it-people' - most notably the dud-chashmal people who never actually showed up on Thursday. When I finally got through to the representative I politely requested that they come and solve the problem ASAP and if possible that they send a different technician. They are now scheduled to be here between 9-12 tomorrow and G-d willing we will have the option of electrically-heated-HOT-water before noon. (I'm optimistic - so sue me.) In addition, I spoke with the 'ceiling fix-it-guy' and he agreed to come tomorrow to find out why there was a cascade of water dripping from my bedroom ceiling a week and a half ago when it rained.

Did I mention the exciting news that our new 11-fin heater was delivered early this afternoon? Roasty toasty is what we're going to be when it's cold outside. Yes we are!

For the moment I've got load #3 in the washer, load #2 in the dryer, load #1 folded on the couch. I really should wash the dishes that are on the counter (only since breakfast - don't worry) but I'm feeling a little too lazy, I did put away all of the clean dishes that were on the drying-racks - I'm just not in the mood to get my hands all wet right now. I've also got to figure out what to make for dinner. It's a 'late night' for Z (he's got studio) so he won't be home until close to 9 which means he'll be really hungry but also really tired. Usually studio nights are soup nights or something like that - I'm just not sure what kind of soup to make. We've had; split pea soup, mushroom barley soup, french onion soup and Bubby's tomato soup in the last week and a half. Should I just make a filling vegetable barley soup for tonight? It seems so boring. Gosh - this is hard work.

I'll get back to recipe hunting now and I've still got 2 TV show episodes to catch up on from last week.

Interesting note - a large grasshopper has somehow moved into my herb planters (I'm not sure how he got up here, I DO live on the 2nd floor of an apartment building) and I'm not sure whether it's good for the plants or not but he seems pretty content. Guess I should do some research on that. For now I'm leaving the mirpeset door closed - no offense Mr. Grasshopper but I don't particularly want you in my living room.

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