Saturday, November 14, 2009


I'm back and I'm full of chocolate chip cookie brittle and lots of really yummy food. This Shabbos was super relaxing. I guess it all started on Thursday...

Thursday morning I pampered myself and went to a salon then I went to 'Yesh' to pick up some last minute groceries. Back at Home I got to work cooking for Shabbos. I managed to cook just about everything by 9pm. (Ok, I cheated a bit. The soup and challah both came from the freezer - but in my defense, I did cook them at some point.)

Friday morning all I had to do was boil the matzah balls and brew a few liters of iced-tea. As the rains poured down we went out to pick up a bunch of flowers for the Shabbos table. The kitties wandering around in the store were quite funny and the pretty white flowers were just perfect.

Friday night was as good as it could have been and we made it to shul in time for Maariv. On an exciting nite, one of our neighbors who davens in the far-away 'Anglo-shul' for Shacharit on most weekday mornings has decided to be our 'Torah Tidbits' shaliach and bring a few copies of the weekly dvar torah sheet over to the Netzarim shul (where we daven) for our reading pleasure. I'm excited about this - if you can't tell.

Although we were woken by some inconsiderate, noisy and not to bright neighbors at 1:30 in the morning (evidently they are not overly intelligent, seeing as the only game they could think of playing at 1:30 in the morning involved banging loudly on the furniture in their apartment and screaming like banshees) Shabbos day was quiet and uneventful.

Our menu consisted of all sorts of yummy things this weekend. Friday night we began with challah, chumus and roasted garlic, we then moved on to chicken soup with vegetables and matzah balls, the main course included Savta's roasted-chicken and yellow rice with vegetables and for dessert there was - who am I kidding - we were too full for dessert. Shabbos day we had challah with chumus and pickles, deli roll with 2 kinds of meat in it, shnitzel (which was moist and still had a crunchy coating) and some 'stick-to-the-pan' potato kugel. Dessert was a moist yellow cake with chocolate drizzle and of course it had colorful sprinkles on it. There was also chocolate chip cookie brittle to nosh on all day.

Today I finished 'Ysabel' by Guy Gavriel Kay and began a new series.

The week ahead includes; finding a job, basketball, a day in Jeru with Shosh and Debs and for now that's all there is on the schedule. I'm hoping more fun stuff finds its way onto the calendar.

Maybe I'll start walking this week. I really should. I walked a few 'warm-up' kilometers last week and it felt good to be moving again. I'm hoping it'll work the kink out of my knee (which gets worse when I sit for long periods of time) and I should definitely start stretching again too.

I'll keep you posted...

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i'm Jel.... debs and shosh.. not mee! ;(