Thursday, November 05, 2009


Me again. I know - I'm on a roll, huh? I guess being stuck at home with nothing productive to do and the unsuccessful job-hunt have made me into a super-procrastinator. I'd rather blog on a daily basis than clean out my closet or organize my guest room. Kind of sad actually. (Especially considering that blogging doesn't take more than an hour or two and that's if I really really stretch it out.)

Yesterday passed relatively uneventfully after the popcorn incident anyway. At 2:00 the 'window fix it man' arrived and got right to work applying silicon to every window frame in the apartment. (G-d bless silicon. It is the Israeli's duct-tape. Seriously. It is.)

At 3:45 the 'dud chashmal fix it people' showed up. They replaced the heating element in the boiler and instructed me to leave it on so that it could heat up. I left the switch on and 4 hours later there was still absolutely no hot water coming out of the taps in my apartment. Z took as he termed it 'a lukewarm' shower and when he was finished I tested the chilly waters but opted out of any attempt at a shower in favor of many prayers that the sun would come out and heat a bit of water in the morning.

At 9:00 this morning I called the 'dud chashmal company' and after waiting on hold for quite some time I finally got put through to 'our' representative. I explained that yesterday a technician had come to fix my boiler but that the boiler still didn't work. At this point she got quite snooty and asked me whether I was a technician, to which I replied "no" she then proceeded to ask me something along the lines of "well, if you aren't a technician then how do you know that the 'dud' isn't working?" I tried not to laugh as I responded with a simple, "because the switch has been up for over 4 hours and the water isn't hot." Thankfully she contacted the technician and was able to schedule an appointment for this afternoon.

I certainly hope that this time they get it right. Cause this not showering for 3-4 days in a row and then taking an ice shower thing is really quite gross.

On the bright side - the wind isn't blowing in through our window frames any more.

G-d bless silicon.

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