Monday, November 23, 2009

Runny Nines...

Where to begin? Well, Shabbos was awesome! I guess that's a good starting point...

After lighting candles Z and I set off to shul. On our way down the main road we noticed that we were being followed. The couple following us looked like a nice, young, religious couple but we had never seen them before. We kept walking but they soon caught up to and then passed us. We smiled and said "shabbat shalom" but it wasn't until we got to the turn-off to the shul that they stopped and looked at us slightly confused. "Where are you heading?" we asked them jovially. With a smile they answered "same place as you, we guess." They walked with us and we began to shmooze. Turns out the husband is Israeli, originally from our new hometown and that his wife is American-born and has been in Israel since 2001. It also turns out that they are the 'new neighbors' that I mentioned have been drilling across the hall from us. They moved in last Sunday and are now settling in. They seem like very nice people and it's exciting that we're not the only religious people in the building anymore. I think we'll invite them for a Shabbat meal at some point.

I met Ora in shul and after davening we found Z and made our way back up the biiiiiig hill. The meal turned out deliciously and so did dessert. The company was great, the conversation was full of laughs and during dessert we played Phase 10 and Bananagrams. All in all a very successful and enjoyable Friday night.

Shabbos morning we decided to go to the 'far away' 8:30 minyan - which meant leaving the house at 8ish. I packed up the carrot kugel, a container full of chocolate crackle cookies and we set off across town. Davening was nice and after shul we headed over to our friend's house for the meal. After the meal a game of 'Settlers' was played - 'cut-throat' style. (Very 'white man takes over Indian land in hostile way' version) but it was a lot of fun. The we shmoozed, read a zillion cook books and relaxed. Pretty soon Shabbos was over but we weren't quite ready to go Home. So we stuck around for popcorn and a movie while the guinea pig ran amok. After the movie we checked the bus times and made it to the bus-stop just in time to hop onto a bus which took us straight home.

Sunday was pretty boring. We woke up super late and inaugurated the new pancake griddle. The pancakes came out super-fluffy and it was a great start to the day. Z headed off to studio at around 1:30 and worked on a project until dinner-time at 7ish. Then he went back to studio to work on the project some more and didn't come Home again until 2:00AM. (It seems most of his classmates also pulled an all-nighter on this project but they didn't have the opportunity to go home for dinner and they also didn't bother going home at 2AM.)

This morning we finished up the leftover pancakes for breakfast and Z's first class was canceled so he stayed home for a bit working on his project some more.

I'm trying to figure out what to do today. I really need to finish my book so that I can return it to the library. Maybe I'll read a bit and then work on an art project.

I should also figure out what to make for dinner. I think we'll have dairy tonight - I'm kind of in the mood for tomato soup and grilled cheese, but I feel like we had that recently. (It's become a favorite of mine lately - although nothing quite replaces my love of good macaroni and cheese.)

For now I guess I'll go browse the 3 job-hunting websites I frequent and send out a couple of proposals on e-lance. Maybe someone somewhere will want some work done. That would be nice. I guess we'll see.

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