Monday, November 02, 2009

"Shove Shove Shove..."

Hello world. It's been 2 months exactly since my last post. (That makes this my 901st post. Hehe, the strange things we gloat about. Not that I'm gloating, mind you - it just amuses me.)

A lot of stuff has gone on since that last post. The Holidays have come and gone (we were in Bet Shemesh for R"H and most of Sukkot - except that we threw an awesome Sukkah Open House/Chanukat Habayit type of thing on the Thursday of Chol Hamoed.) On Isru Chag Mommy and I flew off to America for a 10 day jaunt across the pond. Mostly shopping, lots of time with friends and family and apple picking! We got back Home in the middle of Z's first week of school.

I have to admit that now that we've in Z's 3rd week of school I'm appreciating more and more that fact that we moved out to Ariel. We're still on different wavelengths regarding what time he should wake up in the morning (when class starts at 10 I see no reason that he should sleep until 9:45 and then get up, dressed, make lunch and leave in 15 minutes) but I do enjoy knowing that he'll be home within 10 minutes of class ending. This means having dinner at a normal time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when he ends relatively early between 5-7PM and having dinner only a little late on Mondays and Thursdays when he ends at 9PM. There is also the added advantage of not having a grueling 2 hour commute in each direction - so theoretically this means there's more time for homework and more time to spend with me.

Speaking of spending time with me - is it abnormal that I expect him to find time in his schedule to spend quality time with me? Does nobody else expect this from their spouse? Am I overly clingy and demanding? I feel like I'm the only wife in the world who actually expects her husband to make time for her. Am I?

Ok - next topic of conversation. I guess I'll move on to my 'rants for today' - where to begin?

Well, last week was pretty terrible. I spent days searching for a job (to no avail), I messed up just about every recipe that I tried to make (including burning the garlic knots after having to make a full recipe because my 1st grade math skills weren't in working order and ditto to my challah), on Thursday it started raining - quite heavily - and I noticed that the frame of the window in my bedroom is actually coming off. This means that the wind is coming right on into the apartment. Thursday night (or should I say, Friday morning) the power went out at about 3AM and I was woken up by my computer's batery backup beeping the alarm. Power wasn't restored until 10:30AM on Friday which meant lots of rushing before Shabbos. The cherry on top was Friday night when the tape which we keep over the light-switch in the fridge popped off and the light came on which left us in a quandary regarding putting away our left-overs and more importantly getting out our food for Shabbat lunch. To make matters a bit more complicated - we had a guest over.

Additional observations made between Thursday and Monday:
1. There is a leak in the ceiling in our bedroom and water actually drips into the apartment. This only occurs when it rains - so we're assuming it's something related to the roof.
2. Our electric dud (the one you're supposed to use when there's no sun or other hot water) doesn't actually work. And there are 3 switches for it so we don't even know which one is supposed to control it. And no - none of the switches actually work because we turned on all 3 of them.

Back to the story - yesterday Z called our landlord to inform him of the complications that had come to light in the apartment. We were contacted by a nice lady named Shalvah who informed us that between 1-4PM on Monday that someone would be coming to fix the window. No mention was made of the ceiling leak or of the hot water issue. And so... this morning at 11AM when my house phone rang and it was my landlord telling me that someone is at my door to fix the 'dud' I was VERY confused. Nonetheless I opened my door and amazingly there was nobody there. I called the landlord back to get the man's name and number and then called the guy who explained that he'd left because nobody had answered the door. (Anyone who has been to my apartment knows that there is a 2 front door situation and can understand why I didn't hear anybody knocking.) after pleading with the guy he agreed to come back in 'an hour' (should have been around 12PMish) to fix what needed to be fixed.

At 11:40 Z called me and told me to get walk down to the University and meet him because he has the key to the 'apartment upstairs' which we need access to in order to sort out both the ceiling issue and the 'dud' issue. It seems he had spoken to the 'fix it up dude' about 40 minutes after I spoke to him and the guy said that he would be at our apartment between 1-2PM to take care of things. *sigh*

So - now it's 12:12 PM and I'm sitting at Home waiting for this guy to show up to fix things in my apartment (although I'm not sure which things he's supposed to be fixing because he's not from the company who said that they'd be here to fix the window between 1-4PM but he said that he could fix the window if he has time.) Basically I'm extremely confused. I also haven't taken a shower since Friday (and that was an ice cold and extremely uncomfortable shower experience.) I'm having no luck finding a job, which is getting frustrating not only because I really need to make some money but because I am bored out of my mind sitting around at home and doing nothing productive for the world at large.

Oh yeah and I missed basketball last night because I was on the couch doubled over in pain with stomach cramps that were so bad that I wanted to drug myself into oblivion but the drugs I had taken didn't actually do anything.

Still - I have to admit - the worst part of this is probably the fact that I'm running dangerously low on nosebleed stoppers. (hamevin yavin.)

For lack of anything better to do I guess I'll go reorganize my sock drawer again.

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