Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Yesterday I went to Jerusalem to meet up with Shoshana (Eliyohu) and Deborah! We met in Geulah and had a yummy lunch at Brunch Bagel and then we wandered around and did a bit of shopping. I was successful in all endeavors and we even stopped at Nechama (my favorite bakery in Jerusalem for just about everything) to pick up sufganiot in honor of Rosh Chodesh Kislev! Even though it was a crazy hectic and full day I managed to catch the 6:30 bus Home. The ride only took a little over 1.5 hours and I was in pajamas by 8:45. Z was super helpful and (over)cooked some penne pastas. When I walked in I just sliced up an onion and some mushrooms, let them saute and then when they were good and soft I poured in a box of cream, seasoned with a pinch of salt and a bit of pepper and let it cook until it had thickened a bit. We ate this delicious feast topped with Parmesan cheese and dessert of course were the donuts. We split 1 caramel and 1 jelly (so that we each got a whole one.) While eating we caught up on 2 of our weekly TV shows. (This gives new meaning to TV dinners.)

This morning I woke up at 8:15ish and by the time I decided to actually get up Z had to leave for school. Lucky for him there was a serving of pasta left-over from last night's dinner - so he had a really yummy lunch to take to school. (He said that all of his classmates had been jealous of his gourmet lunch. If only they knew how easy it were to make...)

At 10:00 I was seriously considering walking 6.1 kilometers to the grocery store - just to have something to do when all of a sudden my phone rang. It was Nat, one of my new friends out here in the middle of nowhere. She didn't have work and wondered whether I'd be free to go to the mall with her in Petach Tikva. I said "sure!" because I love an adventure and because a reason to get out of the house is almost always a good thing. I remembered that I'd tentatively planned a 'day out' with another friend also so I suggested calling and inviting her as well. We timed our departure and all caught the same bus. I'd never been to the 'kanyon hagadol' but it's actually quite a nice mall. (They even have a movie theater and a kosher McDonalds.) We wandered around for a couple of hours, did a bit of browsing and even met up with yet another friend for some lunch.

Eventually we caught a bus back Home and 2 of us stopped off at 'Yesh' (the cheapest, biggest grocery store near the city) in order to pick up random groceries for Shabbos. Did I mention that we're going out for Shabbat lunch? No? Well it all happened so fast. Yeah, well we're going out for Shabbat lunch and it should be a lot of fun! Did I mention that since I already have 2 challot in the freezer along with chicken soup that all I've actually got to make for Shabbat is some chicken, some iced tea and maybe, just maybe, some matzah balls - oh yeah, and dessert. Never underestimate the importance of dessert.

Dinner tonight consisted of leftovers from last Shabbat. We still had 1 piece of potato kugel, 5 shnitzelonim (but there were only 3 left by the time everything was heated up), a chicken thigh, a bit of yellow rice and 3 pieces of deli roll. Now there are 2 pieces of deli roll left and Z can take them to school for lunch tomorrow. Ta-da! Talk about good planning.

Tomorrow is Thursday and I'm debating what to do. I've really been terribly lazy this week. Although I got out and about I didn't actually do ANY of the organizing that I was supposed to do. My guest room is a wreck, I can't find anything in my kitchen cupboards and the toiletries in the closet in my room are in such a state of disarray that if I actually needed anything from in there I'd have quite a hard time locating whatever was needed. I also desperately need to take care of laundry - but I've been saying, "it's rosh chodesh" so I don't really feel too bad.

I guess I'll figure it out tomorrow.

It's only a few hours away...

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