Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hello there res.

So that's that. Chanukah is over for another year.

Shabbos was a ton of fun - we were in Bet Shemesh and it was all enjoyable - except for the part where The Dibble threw a tantrum because his chocolate ice-cream had supposedly been contaminated by coconut. Desserts were few and far between but the apple turnovers were absolutely delicious and so was the 'use it up' apple tart. Actually - everything was good except for the weird red pate' stuff that The Crazy Lady tried to feed us.

On Sunday Mommy drove us Home. First we stopped off at SuperH to do an 'American shopping' we also dropped by the keilim mikvah to toivel my new baking dishes and on our way into Ariel we did a 'Yesh' shopping. Lunch was leftover eggplant moussaka from the Chanukah party on Thursday night - it was quite yummy. Then after re-stocking Mommy's computer with lots of fun stuff to watch she headed back to The Sun House.

At around 1 pm Z went down to studio to work on a project and he didn't bother coming home until 8:00 the next morning when he took 2 hour nap and then went back to school for classes from 10am-9pm. I finally saw him when he stumbled in Monday night completely exhausted at 9:20pm. He was out cold by 10:00 though - so much for 'quality time' - *sigh*

Monday was relatively productive for me. I worked on a project for Daddy - about 7 hours of fun layout stuff. I also washed, dried and folded 3 loads of laundry. I straightened up the kitchen, washed all the dishes from Sunday and even put away all of the Chanukah stuff. Boring - but at least I did something.

Today has been pretty boring too. Z woke up late (probably due to missing a night of sleep) checked his e-mail for 45 minutes and then ran out to school. I re-designed one of the pages I had worked on yesterday and then ran out of work to do.

Now I'm sitting on the couch wishing my toes weren't so cold (heater, 2 pairs of socks, hot water bottle, 2 blankets - all not helping.)

Today a nice construction crew (finally) paved the street outside of our building.
Today I finally called Bezeq and had them activate our 'answering machine' - which came free with caller ID!
Today I smushed my 'Amish Friendship Bread Starter' - it is officially day 8.

Tomorrow I really should go to Mega to do the last little bit of my shopping. It's going to be hard to bake without any eggs and I really do need some pudding for that friendship bread...

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etgar keret.