Wednesday, December 09, 2009

In a Walnut Shell...

Tuesday's greatest accomplishment was finally getting around to a full shower (yup, that means I washed my hair for the first time since Friday. Is that gross? Well, it IS the winter and I hadn't done much to get shvitzy so I guess that means sort of yes and only a little no.) Aside from the hygiene spree I also made dinner. I made a delicious dish called 'chicken with spaghetti' - you really must ask me for the recipe. It's easy, delicious, filling and best of all it's an awesome way to get rid of tomatoes that are getting a little too squishy for the tomato basket.

Today was Wednesday. It was actually a wonderful Wednesday. It started off on a positive note and I found myself being ridiculously thankful and a bit giddy about living where I now live. I really love this city/town/settlement - place. As the locals say - kitzur, I really love it here.

First of all I found a 'waxing lady' (I know that doesn't sound exciting or important, but trust me, if your eyebrows were as unruly as mine are, or if you disliked certain other - as Bill Cosby refers to them - 'tiny little hairs' - as much as I do then trust me when I say that finding a good waxing lady is both exciting and wonderful.) I digress. My first appointment was last month. She sounded quite nice when I called her and I was even more pleasantly surprised when I showed up at my appointment and she asked if we could speak in English so that she could practice. Best part - she did a great job shaping my eyebrows! Yay! (Small things make me happy. Really.) When I called her yesterday to see whether she had an appointment she remembered me right away. It's nice when people remember you. I'm not sure why, it just is. For the record, she did a wonderful job today as well.

After my appointment I headed to the grocery store. While I was there I saw a friend, which was nice. We exchanged 'hi's and then I was off again. At the health food store the nice guy who runs the place remembered me too. (I was just there last Thursday after all.) I left feeling like a bird bandit with a whole bunch of nuts & seeds.

As I got to the bus stop the friendliest sherut driver pulled up. (I've mentioned him before.) He's always full of 'hellos' and lots of laughs. He's a funny older guy who is friends with all of the ladies in town. (I assume he's friendly with them because on every other block he'd call out to one of them and they'd wave back and smile.)

Back at home I did some stock-photo sifting for a project that I'm working on, and tried to think of ways to change something that there's no real way to change. (It's a thankless task sometimes - like trying to change the world - but that doesn't mean I'm giving up.)

At around 4:15 I put spiced potato wedges into the oven to bake. I also cut up a nice big green salad - chock full of loads of fresh crispy vegetables. At 5:35 Z and I caught a bus down to the other side of town. We made our way to the Lockerman's where we did some bikur cholim, had a delicious dinner (broccoli cheddar soup is yum. mental note made.) and we tried to be fun and friendly company of sorts. (Did it work? You'd have to asked the 'visited' but they're nice so we're guessing they'd say yes in any case.) All I know was that Z proclaimed it successful and that I really enjoyed. (Have I mentioned that it's awesome to have people in our age group, in the same stage of life as us, who live nearby and share common interests?!!? Well, it is. It is AWESOME!!!)

Now we're back at Home because Z has got a ton of homework (all due tomorrow of course) and so I'm back on the couch. I've really got to figure out the Shabbat menu - I'm still debating what kind of chicken to make although I'm kind of thinking something with apricot... Don't hold me to that though - I'll probably (nope, definitely) change my mind half a dozen (maybe even 7) times before Friday ever gets here.

All I know is that tomorrow I've got to go to Mega to buy margarine and 1 bottle of Coca-Cola.

And do laundry.

I really must wash the laundry...

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Guess said...

You beter not be giving up partner!! I could never do it alone!
Glad you're enjoying living in Ariel!
The one in the cape (or is that you and i have the mask? - I dont remember anymore!)