Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jelly Goop

My trip to Jeru on Tuesday was a success. I met Feige in Talpiot and we went to see "New Moon" at Rav Chen. After the show I made my way back to Tachana Merkazit where I had enough time to pick up some fresh sufganyot and catch a bus home. I was back in Ariel by 7 and when I got home Z & I lit menorah and enjoyed a delicious dinner of 'grown up baked ziti' - it was yummy.

On Wednesday morning I went to the shopping area at Segulah with Yael. It was my first time there. We wandered through some arts-n-crafts stores, toy stores, a health food store and we even did our shopping for Shabbat. We headed home on the early side. Z's brother came to sleep over so when he arrived we lit candles and relaxed for a bit. Dinner was BBQ sauce smothered chicken wings and Z made light and fluffy latkes. I spent most of the evening working on a graphics project for Daddy.

Today has been relatively boring. Woke up on the early side and took a lukewarm shower. Then I washed all of the dishes from yesterday. I decided to bake some muffins but realized that I only had enough margarine to make 1 flavor. I decided to make cinnamon-buttermilk muffins and I got a dozen out of the recipe. For lunch I decided to use up some of my 'pepper collection' - (I keep buying them because I can't remember whether I've got any in the fridge and I've amassed quite a collection) so I put up a pot of brown rice to cook and cut up a variety of vegetables which I made into a stir-fry.

Tonight the 'Adults only Anglo Chanuka Party' is scheduled to be held across town at the matnas. I volunteered to bring a pan of 'veggie moussaka' (first time making it - I hope it comes out alright) - now I just have to figure out how to get a 9x13 foil tin full of sloshy-ish moussaka across town in the pouring rain and insane wind. Sometimes I wish I had a car but then I remember how expensive gas is...

Chanuka sameach and happy night #7!

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