Monday, December 07, 2009

Kung Pow Cow...

Let me begin by saying that Shabbat this past weekend was every positive adjective that I've got in my vocabulary and then some. The food ALL came out deliciously, the desserts were heavenly, the company was beyond incredible - are you getting the picture? Sammy, Sara and Raizi slept over, Ora came to visit Friday night and also joined us for the Shabbat meal, and Ora's brother and a friend of his came over in the afternoon which was spent playing many round of bananagrams, a cut-throat game of Settlers, Phase 10 and lots of laughs.

The menu was as follows:
Friday Night: chumus and roasted garlic with the challah, chicken soup with matzah balls (they came out fluffy again), chicken roasted with garlic and basil, couscous, roasted veggies and we finished with chocolate mousse for dessert.

Shabbat Lunch: mini tomato onion quiches and mini broccoli quiches, Sara's awesome couscous salad, Jack Daniel's (green label) BBQ Sauce Salmon, vegetable sticks and chumus. Dessert was a deliciously wonderful uber-rich white chocolate mousse.

Before the girls left on motzei shabbat we decided that on Sunday we'd be 'spontaneous' and all meet up in Jerusalem for dinner.

Sunday morning Z and I caught the 11AM bus into Jerusalem. (We almost missed the bus because the battery in my watch died at 10:35.) We met Freddie at T.M. and wandered around for a bit until we could conveniently ditch Z and then we headed into town. We met Raizi at Binyan Clal (where I got my watch battery replaced) and then we visited the shuk, the baking store (I finally bought black food coloring), and English Cake for some tastreats. We found a bench all the way down Agrippas where we sat down to snack on some 'lunch' and then we walked back to T.M. - Freddie caught a bus back to school while Raizi and I made our way to Malcha. When we got to the mall we found Z, a little while later we picked up Eli wandering around looking for a specific store and finally Freddie arrived. We made our way to the fancy Chinese restaurant and had a wonderful dinner together. (We pretended it was Eli's mesibat giyus - since he never had an 'official' one and he's been in the army for over a month already.)

After dinner the Bet Shemesh crew headed to the car while Z and I made our way back to T.M. to wait for the bus. (We missed the 7:15 bus so we had to wait for the 9:00, which meant we had plenty of time to spare.) We did however run into a whole bunch of friends along the way, so the wait didn't actually feel too long. At 10:45 we pulled into Ariel and stopped off at the mailbox on our way up the hill. There was a note from the post office which said that there was a package waiting for us at the post office.

The only package that we were expecting was a couple of books from Amazon but the 'estimated arrival date' is listed as January 11th. Nonetheless this morning I bundled up and walked Z down to school (in the pouring rain) then I hopped on a bus to the other side of town. Lo and behold the Amazon package had indeed arrived, in under 2 weeks! How cool is that?! I think it's pretty awesome. So now Z and I can give each other our 'Channukah Gifts' on time. Of course he's excited about the architecture book he ordered but I'm really excited about the cookbook that he ordered for me - a new copy of 'Joy of Cooking' - Yay!

Hope everyone is stocking up on oil and potatoes and polishing their menorahs! I know we are! Speaking of which - I've got to find my 'Channukah Box' so that I can decorate the house properly! I love this time of the year. :)

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Shoshana said...

Decorating are you? You should becareful how you phrase that, people might think of other religions!!! ;) Happy you had a nice Shabbos.