Monday, December 14, 2009

No more caffiene for you...

Thursday last week was a relatively boring day. Accomplishment of the day - successfully making kasha for the first time ever by myself. I also baked cookie brittle with M&M type candies and a big pan of apricot crumble bars.

On Friday I set up our brand new beautiful menorah and explained to Z that it was all his. He was super surprised and really excited - especially at the prospect of lighting the really cool blue oil that he chose a couple of weeks ago.

Shabbos was uneventful (if you discount a pointless 6 km walk.) Friday night after the meal we watched a lightning-show on the horizon (there is a beautiful panoramic view of the city and hills though our back door and it is hypnotic to sit back and watch the lightning zig-zag across the sky above it all.) Shabbat day was quiet and boring, aside from the sporadic piano music from downstairs. Our neighbors have acquired a piano and one of their daughter's seems to be an aspiring pianist. I can't wait for her to progress beyond the first 11 notes of 'Old McDonald' which seems to be the only tune she has figured out how to play. Bright side - the chicken pot pie was a delicious lunch and I made THE yummiest sweet potatoes. I sliced them in rounds, spread them on the bottom of a baking dish, put a layer of coarsely chopped pecans, sprinkled with some brown sugar and some maple syrup and then baked them to beautifully caramelized perfection. They were good hot and they were good cold. I ate them right away so they didn't get old. Hehe, I crack myself up sometimes.

Sunday was a really quiet 'do nothing' day. Z and I camped out on the couch in the office and watched Season 3 of 'Weeds' - but we saved the season finale for Monday.

Speaking of Monday - that was today. 3rd day of Chanukah and I'm finally starting to feel the holiday cheer. Z had a break after his first class so he came back home at around noon to have lunch with me. I made Bubby's tomato soup and pan-grilled-cheese sandwiches with cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan. I also cooked up some ABC noodles which I stuck into the soup and garnished the bowls with some finely grated cheddar.

It was the best lunch in ages. We watched the season finale of yesterday's tv show and then Z went back to school to do some work in studio. I wandered around the apartment, washed all the dishes, straightened up a bit, set up the menorahs for tonight and tried to figure out what to make for dinner. (Planning 2 'real' meals in 1 day is hard work...)

I settled on teriyaki salmon and hasselback potatoes (I've been meaning to try to make these potatoes for ages. It's potatoes, garlic, salt, pepper and oil - or butter - so I mean, what could go wrong?) Anyway, Z should be home in the next 20 minutes or so and I've got to go check on the fish. For the record, the potatoes look and smell delicious.

Chag Urim Sameach!

Tomorrow - Becca's bday and a trip to Jeru...

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