Thursday, December 03, 2009


Yesterday I figured I'd get ahead of the game and bake my challot. For some reason my oven went on the fritz and randomly decided to be 400F instead of 325F (there is a story behind this but I haven't got the energy required to type it) suffice it to say in under 5 minutes my adorable challot were burnt to a crisp on the tops and the bottoms did not escape unscathed either. Don't get me wrong - they were delicious on the inside (we ate a loaf with our split pea soup for dinner) but I'm not sure whether it is halachically permissible to use a pick-axe on Shabbat...

Anyway, I decided that since we're having company for Shabbat that I probably shouldn't serve yesterday's challot at the meals. So I baked another batch. I was super-watchful and the loaves came out beautiful looking, smelling and everything else. (Hope they taste good - but we won't know until tomorrow night.) I also baked up a batch of peanut-butter chocolate chip muffins.

Tomorrow I've got to; cook the matzah balls (I already made the goop), roast the garlic, roast the veggies, make cous-cous, bake the chicken (it's currently marinating in pesto-y type stuff), brew iced tea (probably 4 liters or so), somehow get fish cooked (yuck), make 2 kinds of mouss and I think we need something else for dessert but I haven't figured out what.

I also have to clean the house, wash a whole bunch of laundry, find space in the guest room for my 3 guests to sleep and make the beds, change the sheets in my room, wash both bathrooms, wash the floor, clean the stovetop and I'm sure there's more that I've forgotten.

Considering I wanted to be ahead of the game I sure do seem to have procrastinated a whole lotta stuff.

I should learn a lesson from this.

I'm just not sure which one...

PS - nobody in Ariel has any pine nuts in stock.
PPS - I bought garam masala today. I am very excited.

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