Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Watered Cola

This morning I decided that I would walk Z to school and then do my grocery shopping. So, I got up and dressed and ready to leave the house. The walk down the hill was nice. The weather today is clear, cool and crisp. The sun is shining brightly in a blue sky and the clouds floating lazily by are like big fluffy cotton-balls.

At the grocery store I found everything on my list (except for pine nuts and a head of lettuce) and I went to pay. Of course unloading the cart my finger opened a bag of sugar (which spilled all over) and then I almost dropped my eggs. Finally I got everything packed into my backpack and 1 plastic bag, signed the credit card receipt slip and walked out of the store. After returning my shopping cart I realized that the bus driving past was the one I was supposed to be getting on but I also noticed that my credit card wasn't in my pocket with my receipt. Keeping a cool head I double and triple checked my pockets, unpacked my backpack and checked the contents, checked my wallet and purse and when I couldn't find it I packed everything back up and walked back into the store. I asked the cashier whether I'd forgotten it and she replied "Yup, I already gave it to the customer service booth. They should have it." So I went over to the booth, and told the lady that the card she was holding was mine. Presented some ID and ta-da I had my card back in my possession.

As I walked out of the store another bus had just pulled up to the stop and there was no way I would make it there before it pulled away. I walked up the block and sat down on a bench to wait. About 10 minutes later a sherut and a bus were driving towards me. (I always opt for the bus rather than the sherut because I find them more comfortable) so I waved the sherut on and of course, it was the wrong bus. So I sat myself back down and waited. About 5 minutes later another sherut pulled up. It was one of the cheery drivers who always smiles and says hello so I hopped in.

Back at my building I reached to open the front door - but it wouldn't open. Believe it or not - I was locked out of my own apartment building. At a loss for how to cope with this new situation I decided to ring every doorbell there and figured somebody would open the door. Luckily a nice lady who lives on the entrance level came out to open the door. She said that she had also been locked out earlier and that someone else had opened the door for her. And it seems that there is no key for the front door so basically if you're locked out and no one is in then you're in trouble. Yeah - that doesn't make me a bit paranoid or anything...

Anywho - I went up to the apartment, opened the front door (with Zalman's key which he has been leaving home with me because I forgot my house keys in Bet Shemesh this past weekend.) Unpacked my groceries and figured that you, my dear reader, might be amused by my adventures this morning. I'm relatively amused - considering everything seems to have worked out alright.

According to my menu-plan tonight for dinner I'm supposed to make stir-fry and brown rice, but I'm kind of in the mood for calzones - so I'll have to wait until later to see what I actually get inspired to cook.

Tomorrow I think I'll go to rova aleph. I've still got to buy pine nuts and I need to buy and envelope as well as pay a visit to the post-office. Of course, that all depends on whether I write the letter I need to write.

I'm getting super excited for this coming Shabbat. We're having the girls over and it's gonna be SO much fun!

Happy December everybody - hard to believe 2009 is almost at an end...

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