Sunday, January 10, 2010

"...איי ניד סומבודי"

So it's Sunday again. Somehow. I'm not sure where the days last week went. I know that the majority of my waking hours were crammed into 'work' and that a bunch of hours were spent making sure that I got a minimal bit of exercise but I don't remember much else aside from the penne a'la vodka tasting delicious and a couple of special guests.

Oh yeah, I also had a job interview on Thursday. The office of 'American Friends of Ariel' contacted me and wanted to know whether I could come in for a meeting with my portfolio. Seems they're looking for graphic artists and after seeing my work would really like to hire me on various freelance projects. However, since I'm not set up as a 'business' and can't legally give 'cheshboniyot' (reciepts) - well, basically I'm welcome to be a free volunteer, but they can't give money off the books. *sigh* A friend recommended just getting myself set up as a proper business - but after some research I can't quite figure out all the paperwork. I could just have an accountant set up the whole thing for me - but I don't know any Israeli accountants off the top of my head.

Friday night was super quiet (aside from the crazy party that our college neighbors hosted - with screaming and loud obnoxious music until 1:30 in the morning.) Dinner came out delicious. We started with Challah, chumus and roasted garlic. The chicken soup was fresh and perfectly seasoned and the matzah balls were just like Z likes them, soft enough to get a spoon through but with some effort. Main course included; Gramma's tomato sauce chicken, fluffy couscous and really yummy roasted root vegetables (onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots.)

Shabbos lunch was really nice. Our friends the Lockerman's came over to join us for the meal. We started off with challah and chumus again. Then had a 'salad bar' - there was a big bowl of lettuce and then you could either add the 'salty' salad (cucumbers, carrots, peppers, tomatoes) or the 'sweet' salad (strawberries, candied pineapple, craisins, candied pecans) and there were dressings for both of the options. The main course included; (the cutest little) tomato onion quiche (I made it in a miniature glass pie dish that I took from Mommy, I think it was my great grandmothers), vegetable lasagna, challah kugel (cause nothing beats french toast for breakfast) and teriyaki salmon (for the fish eaters.)

Desserts this weeks were; cookie brittle with colorful charedi candies, super deluxe fudge-y brownies with walnuts and personal-apple-pies (which I baked in my cute little ramekins).

We spent all Shabbos afternoon shmoozing with our company and after havdalah they headed home while we straightened up and got to work on homework and work-work type stuff.

Which brings me back to now - Sunday - late morning. How'd it get so late so quickly?

I think I'll have some french-toast kugel for breakfast with maple syrup and then get to work. Today I've got at least 6 slideshows to 'make pretty' and flyers to re-write and lay out and a booklet cover to make, right after I re-write the booklet and an internet banner to fix and a general logo to sort out and I still don't even know the name of the company. Oh yeah, and there's supposedly more material which hasn't even been sent to me yet and everything is due in about 5 days.

*breathing now* - I think I'll start with some kugel.

Have a great day!

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