Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So, I was thinking about it and I decided that it's sad when a whole month goes by and I don't do certain things. That probably doesn't seem like it makes any sense, but it does in my head. It makes me sad when a whole month goes by and I don't take any pictures, or I don't listen to my Ipod, or I don't bake anything delicious. Ok, so the baking thing hasn't happened since we moved - but I haven't been experimenting much lately - even though I have over 300 recipes in my 'try me' folder. Guess I should get back to the kitchen.

Why haven't I been in the kitchen? Well, mostly because it's winter and frankly it's too darn cold to be standing around with my sleeves rolled up - especially to wash dishes. (Another less reasonable excuse is) We haven't had many guests, I haven't been hungry and Z's school schedule has been so insane that our eating schedules are completely out of whack and totally out of sync with each other - so he eats whatever he can scavenge from the freezer or deli sandwiches and I am generally happy enough to just eat crackers with chumus or peanut butter. For a month. I'm thinking...gosh, this is pretty pathetic sounding. I should stop being so lazy. Then of course I remember that with cooking comes the cleaning and it really is too cold to wash dishes - so there goes that idea...

Until this morning. I don't think we'd had a homemade breakfast in ages - I think last time it was hash-browns and we haven't had those in a REALLY long time. This morning I decided to be bold and I experimented with one of the new recipes called, "cinnamon perfection in under an hour" - basically, cinnamon buns. The catch - no yeast and no eggs. Don't get me wrong these weren't healthy - I used 3.5 cups of white flour in these babies and loaded them up with real milk and butter. But they didn't have to do that annoying 'rising' or 'proofing' thing. Just mix, knead, roll out, fill, roll up, slice and bake. Ta-da! 40 minutes from start to tummy. For the record - all things considered, aside from the fact that they tasted as though they'd been made as a 'cheaters cinnamon bun' with a Bisquick base - they were REALLY REALLY good!!!

Most of the afternoon passed quickly today. I got noshy at around 4. I would've eaten an entire bag of potato chips when I remembered reading about this fascinating snack idea, which was rumored to completely fill that spot in your heart which is reserved for chips and fries. I know it sounds insane but, roasted chickpeas are my new favorite thing to nosh on. The combinations of spices are endless and these little snacks are just way too addictive. Good thing they're filled with fiber and protein. Oh yeah - did I mention how fattening they are - NOT! I think these even trump popcorn in my book - and that's an accomplishment. Crispy, crunchy, tasty, delicious - I'll stop now. Try them if you don't believe me - worst case, you've wasted some chickpeas - but I'm not too worried about that actually happening.

In other news - I'm still working on the same 'graphics' project. It's gotten a bit complicated and sorting it all out is turning into somewhat of a nightmare. Thankfully my 3 years of training in that office in Jeru prepared me to take charge and organize the situation.

This coming Shabbat we're having 3 girls over. It should be a lot of fun. I'm mostly settled on a menu - but am a little bit torn. It's overkill to serve chicken soup followed by chicken pot pie - but any other kind of soup will be too filling. So just forget soup? It's winter for heaven's sake! You can't not have soup! *sigh* I'll figure it out.

Tomorrow Z is supposed to come grocery shopping with me. That way I don't have to carry everything Home by myself. (The help is very much appreciated.) Point of this story is that I haven't left my house since last Tuesday (when I went to town and grocery shopping with Mommy) - so it's about time I got out. Seriously.

Aside from leaving the house more than once a week I've really got to start actually doing those exercise videos that I downloaded. Pathetic that I have all these options for physical activity and I don't even bother utilizing them. I don't even have to leave the house to do them - just have to get off my lazy bum. Maybe next week...

Alright - enough random rambling for tonight. I'm going to go steal some pasta's with sauce from Z's pot of noodles and meatballs. (Another 'from the freezer' dinner, even though I made a yummy breakfast today.)

Maybe we'll even watch some TV like a normal couple.

Eh, who am I kidding?



Miryam said...

First off, I MISS YOU!!!!
I love chickpeas, as long as there's a touch of black pepper on them, they are fabulous. Gonna have to try this recipe...
Try a beef based broth instead of chicken. Get beef bones With some meat still on them and use the same veggies you would for chicken soup. You can even do matza balls, if you like that sort of thing. Or just put in mushroom and carrots. Not too filling, but different than the main course...
And I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!! (and still read your blog constantly...)

Shoshana said...

Miryam...... So nice to see your name. I miss you so much!!!!!!!
Lori ur not normal however you slice it