Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Good Omens...

Today I bought vodka without getting carded! So exciting! Really, it is!

Wait, let me start that again.

This morning I woke up bright and early. (Ok, well 8 IS the new early - for me anyway) Outside it was so foggy I couldn't even see the city, I could barely see the main road that connects us to the city. Heck, it was hard to see the railing of the mirpeset. Thankfully it had started to dissipate by 10:00 when Z and I left the house. He went to school and I went on an adventure.

I caught a bus to Rova Alef (basically the 'center of town' - even though it isn't anywhere near central) and stopped off at the library to return some slightly overdue library books (no such things as late fees at our library though - so I kind of feel like I got away with murder. Hehe.) I then strolled into the main shopping area. I figured I'd look around and see whether I could find a nice mirror for the 'guest' side of the house. It's a little silly that whenever we have guests and they want to look in the mirror that the all parade into our bedroom to check their reflections. (This isn't usually an issue when we have boys, but the last time we had 3 girls for shabbos things got very tricky when it came time to apply makeup, curl/straighten/'do' hair and of course the girly 'last peek' before leaving the house.) I found two possible candidate, one is a full length option and the other is 1/2 the size. Both have very simple frames. I liked them but chose not to purchase them because the morning's trip had only begun.

From 'town' I made my way on foot doooown to tzomet Ariel and up to the 'Yesh' supermarket located near the hotel. The walk only took about 20 minutes - which put me ahead of schedule. Shopping didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would and I was walking down to the bus stop a whole 1/2 hour earlier than expected. I did manage to surprise myself with regard to how much I could carry, considering how much stuff I bought and the fact that a lot of it was quite heavy. The #100 bus pulled up after a short wait and 25 minutes later I was crossing the street to my building.

I put all of the groceries away and then put up a nice sized pot of tomato based vegetable barley soup for lunch, I think I'll make some garlic bread to go with it. TJ(K) is coming to visit soon, she's gong to hep me eat some of the muffins from my freezer. Aside from that, I haven't figured out yet what we're going to do. We could either be really boring and watch a movie, or we could bake something fun and yummy.

Now about that vodka that I mentioned back at the beginning of this post - that's for tomorrow night. Ita and Tonny are coming to visit. Tonny wants some more movies and Ita hasn't seen us in a while - so they decided to come out to nowheresville. I decided that since they'll be here at dinner-time that it should be a special dinner and I decided that special dinners have to include alcohol. (That's a lie - in my book, any meals can involve alcohol.) Anyway, I decided to make something yummy that I haven't had in a while. So - penne a'la vodka it will be. (I don't think I've had that since sukkot or so.)

Tomorrow morning I'm going to walk down to Mega to pick up a fresh baguette (or 2) - I would make some, but between the 8 hours of 'rise time' and my finicky oven, I just don't really have the patience.

Now it's back to work until my special guest gets here. This project I'm working on is due in 9 days and it's only about 10% done on my part. (That's pretty bad if you ask me.) I really hope it's done on time.

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