Monday, January 04, 2010


Excuses and reasons to explain my recent absence from the Blogosphere - I've been a bit busy doing some 'work' and I've been a bit busy baking lots of yummy stuff.

Weekend Re-cap: The last Shabbat of 2009 was nice, Feige came and it was overall an extremely enjoyable weekend. The first Shabbat of 2010 was a quiet weekend, just us home alone, and I made the yummiest brownies and blondies.

A couple of weeks ago Mommy finally gave me a bag of 'Amish Friendship Bread Starter' - it's basically a bag of yeasty pasty goop that sits on your counter for 10 days and then you bake stuff with it and feed the aforementioned baked goods to everybody you can find. Oh yeah - and at the end of the 10 days there's still enough extra starter for you to bake AND you get to divide goop into 3 additional containers so that you can bake more in 10 days time and also give the starter to 2 friends - unless you don't want to bake again in which case it would be advisable to give all 3 bags of starter away.

I cared for my starter for the required time and then I baked up a batch of chocolate-chocolate chip muffins. They came out really yummy. I divided the remaining starter into 3 parts and put 2 bags into the freezer (I'm supposed to give them to friends, but I haven't seen them in a while) - I left the 3rd bag on the counter and on Motzei Shabbat I baked up a batch of cinnamon swirl muffins. Half of them got chocolate chips and the other half got craisins and chopped walnuts stirred in. They also came out deliciously!

I spent about 4 hours on Sunday editing text for a 'project' that I'm working on with Yo' Abba.

Today started off pretty well. I woke up at 8 to turn the 'dud chashmal' on for 20 minutes and for my efforts I was rewarded with plenty of hot water for a luxurious shower. I then walked down to the university campus with Z and after he went to class I continued my walk down to r'chov hagilboa and then back home. It wasn't an overly strenuous walk - 3 km in 40 minutes - but it was out of the house and it was a bit of movement, so I feel kind of good about it. I need to start walking again.

Speaking of walking, I really just want to do stuff to make me feel like a better me. So, I got my hands on a couple of exercise and yoga DVDs. Don't worry, I'll start with the beginner's stuff and I won't push myself too hard or too fast. I know what I'm doing. Well, sorta.

Note to self: Stop biting your nails again! I WILL paint them a hideous shade of pink. I'll do it and you know I will!

I've done 2 hours of 'work' today - and there's still TONS to do. Tomorrow I think TJ(K) might be coming to visit me and on Wednesday evening Ita and Tonny are supposed to come for dinner. Tomorrow morning I have to stop off at the library and return some extremely overdue books and I'm thinking about walking the 15-20 minutes down to Yesh to do my grocery shopping since I'll already be on that side of town.

Alright - enough procrastinating. I really do have to get back to pointless editing of rambling fluff text. Wish me luck.

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