Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cause I Can...

Change in plans. I just completely re-wrote my shabbos menu. Now a quick trip to Mega will suffice. (That's 40 minutes of walking rather than 40 minutes on buses.)

Friday Night: Challah (from the freezer), roasted garlic, chumus, chicken soup with matzah balls (from the freezer), chicken pot pie (from the freezer) - so all I have to make is garlic and dessert.

Shabbat Day: Vegetable Lasagna (I just need some cottage cheese), Salmon (got 1 piece left in the freezer), Green salad.

I love freezer shabbatot! Yay!

Now I've got to go take care of the 3rd load of laundry, wash the rest of the dishes, scrub the oven trays, clean the bathrooms and wait around til' 3 so I can go shopping with Z.

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