Monday, February 01, 2010

Hair Depletion...

Look! It's me again! I think the trick to continuous and steady blogging is to be stuck in an extremely boring routine of work. Have you noticed that? When I have nothing at all to do I don't blog and when I'm busy having a 'fun' time all the time I don't blog.

But here I am. Because I'm working on an extremely time-consuming and relatively boring project. And now I've started 3 sentences with words that they've always taught me never to start sentences with and do you know what? I don't care!A couple of months ago when I went out to see 'New Moon' with Feige she gave me the greatest gifts. They're toys for my desk. She handed them to me and said, "if you're going to be working - you're going to need some of these to keep you sane" and guess what, I really do!!!

The giraffe is so friendly and there are also some bubbles (which I've been happily blowing and chasing around the office like a nutcase.) Cut me some slack - you'd do it too if you were doing what I do. I'm almost positive.

Here's a photo of my provisions. Today we'll be ingesting the remainder of the birthday cake and there's a biiiiig bottle of water. (Cause my Dunce told me off for not drinking yesterday.)
I've also got to thank Becca cause without her help Ryan wouldn't be able to Skype with his friends. This is the perfect webcam.
Exciting note - it's Monday - which means tonight is a new episode of The Big Bang Theory! Woohoo! Something to look forward too. (Not that I've watched any of my shows from last week - they're just sitting and waiting for me to have some time.)

The pretty colors in my computer case are mesmerizing. Aren't they just?
I really really really want to go on a fun trip that I can take some great pictures on. I'd like to go with Z and I'd like to go soon.

I'm almost 1/2 done with the work project. I'm on slideshow 6 of 11+.

Maybe next week...

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