Sunday, February 07, 2010


Weekend re-cap - cause I don't want you to feel neglected.

Let me begin by saying that we didn't have a quiet, 'just-us-2' type Shabbos after all. Somebody called at 10:30 PM Thursday night in desperate need of a place for the weekend. It was one of those situations where you really can't say no. So we had a guest after all.

Usually it wouldn't phase me to have a last-minute guest, but considering we've had guests for 5 out of the last 7 shabbatot and we live in the middle of nowhere with no car we tend to plan in advance to a certain extent as far as stocking up on meat, groceries and such. As a result davka this week - (when I was going to cook 1/2 a pot of chicken soup out of 3 chicken wings and cook the last tiny chicken 'kirayim' (leg & thigh) that I had in the freezer and not really cook anything else for the 2 of us) a guest called at the last minute. Fact: It is impossible to always be prepared for all eventualities.

In the end we weren't lacking for food. It was just a bit frustrating to suddenly have to plan 'real meals' rather than the 'freezer shabbos' I'd been planning. (No I couldn't make a 'freezer shabbos' because my freezer portions are really planned for 2 people. They feed me & Z perfectly - and definitely can't accommodate feeding a third.) And so Friday morning I had to bake challah (we were going to just use the 3 itty bitty rolls I had in the freezer - but that doesn't really work when you're having guys), I wound up making deli roll, shnitzel (with the last chicken breast from the freezer), kasha buttons, I found 8 chicken wings in the freezer so cooked those as 'zaatar chicken' for friday night, couscous, glazed sweet potatoes, peas, and I even pulled a potato-knish-kugel out of the freezer. I was thankful that last week I was smart and put 1/2 of the birthday cake into the freezer. I was able to just pull it out (when it thawed it was just as delicious as it was last week) and I made a small pan of brownies.

Overall it was a nice Shabbos although after so many weeks of guests I'm kind of ready for a weekend that I can sit around in my pajamas and not cover my hair. I know - I do that all week, but it's nice to do it with Z home, at a time when there's no phone or computer or ipod or homework or anything else to distract him.

Maybe next week. *sigh*

In other news, this is Z's last week of 'vacation' (it's really 'midterms period' but considering he doesn't have class, just projects due and exams - he's home almost all the time so we call it 'vacation') The first 2 weeks of 'vacation' have been spent doing Z's favorite things - reading books, reading the news on the internet, checking Facebook, staring at the walls and sitting around doing nothing. Personally I would've very much liked to do something - out of the house. I wanted to go on a trip, maybe even stay away overnight somewhere - but that's asking too much. If I don't plan it and insist on it then it won't happen and I'm sick of always having to make all the plans and all of the decisions and all of the preparations. So I guess we won't be doing anything this 'vacation' after all.

More about this past weekend - remember how I had mentioned last week that the 'fix-it-guy' finally showed up after 3 months? Well, the day after they did the repairs it started raining and pouring, the next day it hailed and stormed, the next day it rained some more. Suffice it to say, although they seem to have fixed the 'leaky ceiling problem' the window-frames are still oozing and dripping. We're hoping that since the weather seems to have cleared up that everything will dry and there won't be any more problems.

Someday I want to live in a warm house. One that actually heats up and stays warm. I am sick of always wearing a winter coat in my apartment. We had heaters running all of shabbos and while they did raise the temperature in the apartment about 5 degrees, the temperature inside was still only 58F.

This wasn't supposed to be a kvetchy post but that's what it's turning into. My apologies.

I should really be working on the dreaded 'project' now but I just can't bring myself to finish it. There are still 11 slideshows to put together, I have to gather/arrange/organize/lay out the 'handout' sheets, redo the 'fact sheets' (cause I don't like the original layout), finalize the flyers, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Problem is - I'm SO not in the mood.

Results from the blood-test are in. Now I've got to go see that dietitian. yahoo.

Oh yeah - and I bit 5 of my nails off after a 3 week battle to get them to grow back. They were finally looking pretty. *sigh*

Alright - enough for now. I'm going to go find my slippers. I had to wash them on Friday after the cocoa powder fiasco. (I poured the stuff into a storage container and all was fine until I tried to put the lid on and a plume of the powder exploded forth and covered me head to toe.)

Maybe I'll eat another kasha button.

I'm out of red apples.


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