Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Little White Fishies

Hard to believe it's been a week since I last posted. I'm really not sure where this week has gone.

Shabbos was a peaceful and wonderful success. Sunday was a PJ day - nothing too exciting happened, aside from the bagel baking experience - I made bagels and they were really good. Monday Z went back to school and I worked a whole lotta hours, I finished a 'chapter' in the project and in celebration I baked these cookie-dough topped brownies - (don't worry, there are no eggs in the cookie dough.) On Tuesday I took a 2 km walk - just for the heck of it. I worked a bit and I also sent most of the leftover brownies to school with Z - (rumor has it that they were much enjoyed by his classmates.)
Today I was a very busy bee. Z and I went to Yesh to do our weekly grocery shopping. I got chicken for shabbos and am very much looking forward to our 'Indian Menu' for Friday night.

I got noshy in the afternoon so I popped up a whole bunch of popcorn. Of course, after a few handfuls I decided that popcorn wasn't quite hitting the spot. It needed flavor - I wasn't sure whether it was lacking sweet or salty - so I decided to spice it up a bit...
It needed flavor - I wasn't sure whether it was lacking sweet or salty - so I decided to spice it up a bit. I turned to my trusted source for many things delicious and decided that caramel popcorn was THE way to go.
Easy recipe, common ingredients, candy thermometer not required - this is my kinda recipe!

So we boiled up the goo...
The we coated, tossed and baked the popcorn. It was so easy and came out so deliciously it's hard to believe we made it in practically no time at all!
I'm hoping some of it will be left for Shabbos. This is a perfect noshy treat!

Maybe I'll make a bunch of it to take to the parentals next weekend. It's easy enough to throw together and I think everyone would really enjoy it - even Oscardoodle!

Still - there's another whole week to think about that. I think I'll make another batch of bagels and some peanut-butter cookies in the meantime.

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