Friday, February 19, 2010

Loose Quarters

So it's Erev-Shabbos and I'm blogging because I'm too lazy to do any more 'getting ready' type stuff.

This morning I woke up at 8ish and at 9:00 Z & I caught a bus into town. We had to buy lettuce and flowers for our shabbos table. Somehow we wound up with salted cashews, a bunch of walnuts, a container of maraschino-type cherries, a jar of tomato sauce and a little clementine tree.

While in town we ran into a whole bunch of neighbors/friends who we have been 'neglecting' due to our busy lives on the 'far side' of town on the top of the highest hill. So we shmoozed and hung out for a bit and then realized that it was almost 11 and that we hadn't started Shabbos preparations yet - so we made our way home.

Luckily the menu planned was super easy. Friday night: roasted garlic, chumus, chicken soup with matzah balls, spicy Indian Chicken, Basmati rice, roasted root vegetables and apple turnovers for dessert. Shabbos lunch: eggplant parmigiana, kasha varnishkas, home-cooked chickpeas, a huuuuge greek salad and more apple turnovers for dessert. Of course I made some peanut-butter coated popcorn (after trying the caramel version I just HAD to try the other one - although the taste of the peanut-butter coating is really awesome we like the caramel better on popcorn. The PB will be reserved for an experiment with apples...)

In 'horror-news' our little blue fuzzy friend, Mr. Twisty somehow wound up going through the wash and dry cycles. He seems to be alright more or less - although his eyeballs have fused together and his plastic house shrinky-dinked to 1/2 its original size and he no longer fits in it. It was also quite traumatic to clean tufts of 'Mr. Twisty' out of the lint-trap.

The apartment smells delicious and I'm rather looking forward to trying this new experimental spicy chicken. The roasted veggies are also adding to the aroma. All in all - quite mouthwatering.

I guess I should go put away the dishes that are taking up most of my counter so that there is somewhere to set up the plata...

Have a wonderful Shabbos!

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