Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Loss for Words...

At 8:20 this morning there was a knock on our front door. It turns out that the guy who was supposed to fix our leaky roof and windows finally decided to show up to do the repairs. Well, that's what we thought anyway. We invited him in, showed him the problem-spots (for a third time) and he proceeded to inquire when a good time to make the repairs would be. We sternly and politely insisted "NOW!" and unbelievably enough he actually made them.
The windows in both our bedroom and the office got re-sealed from the outside in and the inside out. The window-frame in our bathroom finally had a layer of silicon applied (for the very first time I might add.) Most importantly though - the leaky ceiling in the bedroom was finally (theoretically) repaired. I guess we'll find out for sure the next time it rains.
While the repairmen were hard at work I tended to my little potted plot of herbs. I really need to take care of thinning/cutting back my dill but I've been too lazy and it seems to be doing just fine anyway. Can you believe how tall it is? That 2 liter water bottle is there for comparison.
Today I was a bad freelancer. I barely touched the work that I have to do. I got burnt out by working 20 hours in the last 48 and my mind just wouldn't focus. I did eventually manage to eke out 2 extremely graphical slides for the slideshows but it isn't really worthy of mention considering how much there is still left to do.

Thankfully our internet connection was in a compliant sort of mood today - I was able to download all of my Monday Night tv shows in record time. Gosh I'm a 'Big-Bang-Theory-a-holic! "Bazinga!" No really, I am! I am!!!

In an effort to further procrastinate 'working' I took a stroll down memory lane. I have 7 years worth of family photos. It's funny how 'the early years' are all pixelated and grainy - there are also significantly less photos. (Probably because we were all using 'the family camera.') Finally at the very tail-end of 2006 I got my first camera and suddenly there are pictures galore.

I think it's funny to note that the time when I was taking the most photos and really enjoying life the most were my 'single, working, fun' years. After I got married I kind of lost interest in a lot of things that I really used to enjoy. (I know I blogged about this a couple of weeks ago - but it irks me that I've lost the will to do the things that I used to enjoy so much.)

I know I should get back into the habit and "just do it" but I have no goals or aspirations. It's kind of a bad rut I'm stuck in right now. I need a kick in the butt and some helpful support.

It's also kind of sad that I don't have any pictures of myself that I actually like since June 2008.

On a bright note - whenever I start photographing again I've got Photoshop at my disposal.
...and the sisters walked together into a bright and promising future.

The End.

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