Monday, February 22, 2010


Last Thursday night I had the worst puff-pastry dough experience of my life. First the kasha knishes expanded out of the dough splitting and growing to insane proportions and then the apple turnovers refused to stay shut. I managed to bag the knishes, more or less and the turnovers tasted delicious anyway. I have reason to believe that the knish failure was due to the addition of mashed potatoes to the filling in an attempt to help the innards stay together. I'm not giving up though - they taste delicious - I've just got to figure out the potato-to-kasha ratio and the correct thickness for the dough. I'll get there yet.

In other news I think I've finally figured out what to give for shalach manot. This whole mitzvah becomes overly complicated when you don't want to give pre-packaged candy bars and you'll be leaving home 4 days before 'giving time' - like we will be.

Hard to believe it's Monday. Z finally went back to school this morning and I sighed a breath of relief. He'd been home since Thursday and was starting to drive me crazy (especially considering he just went back on Monday after a 3 week 'test period') Of course - today is his short day so he'll be home at around 4 (instead of 8 or 9 like all other nights.)

Today I'm supposed to 'work' some more and I had invited a friend to come over and hang-out but I'm not sure whether she's coming and if she comes I'm not sure what sort of fun activity to do. So very complicated. I don't want to bake anything because it's too early to make anything for shalach manot and I definitely don't need any more cakes/candies/cookies in the house right now. I also have 2 loaves of white bread and enough challah rolls to last me until Pesach in the freezer - so making bread seems sort of pointless - although I'd be happy to make bagels - but seeing as I can only make 8 at a time it seems silly to make them with a friend and then give her 1/2 to take home - especially since they freeze SO well.

I've been making an effort to get to bed no later than 11PM the last few nights and I think I'm slowly getting back onto my 'natural' schedule. I mean, I've been waking up at 7AM feeling pretty refreshed. (This is MUCH better than the schedule I'd been on - 'the Z clock' - going to sleep at 1AM and waking up at 8:30-9AM feeling wiped-out, exhausted and ready to take a nap.) Now that I'm waking up feeling ready to face the day I really need to start doing something poisitive about it. I still have all these aerobics/dancing/yoga videos that I downloaded but I never DO any of them. I should! Really! I've got to get my heart-rate up a bit and sweat. If I did that 3 times a week and walked the other days of the week then I'd be on my way to getting back in shape. Problem is: I'm a lazy bum and have no motivation.

I just completely 'spaced out' of this post.

I guess I'll get to work and if I think of anything else to say I'll say it then...

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Rik said...

Kasha knishes don't work cuz kasha is icky. ;-) just kidding (well not about the icky part, although if you like it...)