Thursday, February 11, 2010


Where the heck has yet another week gone? I didn't spend it but it's nowhere to be found! I'm so confused.

Sunday was a general mope around and do nothing day. Monday I moped for a bit and then did a teensy bit of work. Tuesday I had a terrible morning which inspired me to get dressed and walk for an hour - on the way I bought 4 kinds of apples and 30 eggs. On Tuesday afternoon I dealt with a couple of things that I had been putting off. First there was Orange - I finally cancelled the useless 21 shekel per month charge because I finally could since the hitchayvut on my phone is up. I also got in touch with Bezeq to find out what they could offer me in the router/modem department. Turns out that I am eligible for a free 'all-in-one' wireless gizmo on the condition that I have a Bezeq contract for the next 2 years. (I don't see myself switching to HOT any time soon - so I figure that's a pretty good deal.)

Wednesday was an extremely productive day - I was up, dressed and working by 9:30. At 1:25 Z and I hopped on a bus to Petach Tikvah. First stop was the Bezeqstore where we picked up our new internet-connection-gadget. Then we went to the 'kenyon hagadol' (big mall) and wandered around for about an hour. At 4ish we stopped at BurgerRanch for lunch and then we bought 2 tickets to the movies. 5:00 was showtime, we saw the new 'action version' of Sherlock Holmes on the big screen. Then we caught a bus home. There was no traffic in either direction so the ride only took 1 hour each way.

This morning I woke up and realized with a start that it's Thursday. Thursday means general prep for Shabbos and starting the cooking. Problems - I haven't got any chicken in the house and still haven't decided what to make for shabbat lunch. Thankfully there's challah in the freezer so at least I don't have to start baking bread. I also think I've decided to make a cinnamon swirl cake for the occasion and possibly some cookies of some sort.

I guess I should go buy some chicken. We don't even have any potatoes in the house. Maybe I should remedy that situation as well. Today I'll have to shlep the groceries all by myself. Z is busy coloring in a picture for his presentation this afternoon and then he's got the presentation so he's too busy to come with me. I guess I could wait until later but then there might not be any chicken left at the grocery store. Decisions decisions.

Alrighty - time to get a move on.

Toodles for now.

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