Thursday, March 04, 2010


So yesterday was a day of indeterminable success. On the one hand I did barely any physical activity, on the other hand I washed dishes, made a healthful dinner, and did a whole bunch of work for the never-ending-project. I also managed to write out my menu plan for the rest of this week as well as all of next week. (We'll be having boys next Shabbos, so I really have to get some grub.)

About that dinner (cause I do so love to share) - Although I don't eat fish Z does so I'm a HUGE fan of the individually packaged fillets of 'Amnon' (a little white fishy) and sometimes we can even get Salmon. They're a super awesome dinner because after they defrost you just plop them in a pan, season and bake for 15-20 minutes. Last night I made a fillet of 'Amnon' with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and parsley. I also made a version of 'crash hot potatoes' - I don't own a potato masher, so I used a measuring cup to smash them down. I also mixed some fresh minced garlic into the olive oil that I spread onto the potatoes and in addition to the salt and pepper I put on a sprinkling of sweet paprika and a dash of hot paprika (cayenne pepper) you know - for some flavor.

Today the 'dud-repair-man' is supposed to come to fix our dud chashmal. Yes, again. In addition to tripping the electricity every time we try to turn it on it isn't heating up the water. Oh yeah - we thought it might be heating up the water because the little red light in the switch was actually on - but it turns out that the little light doesn't go off unless we turn off the switch in the electrical box. Hopefully they'll get that sorted out today. Hopefully!

This morning I woke up an hour before Z had to leave for school and realized there was nothing for him to take with him for lunch. I couldn't just let him go without food since today is his 9:00-21:00 day. However, my brain was on 'Dunkin Donut Lady in the Morning' slow-mode so I didn't get around to thinking of an idea of what to make for him until 10 minutes before he had to leave. Obviously 5 minutes before the baked ziti was ready he was out the door. So I guess after the 'repair-man' comes I'll walk down and bring him his lunch. Isn't he a spoiled one? (Bright side - I made a bit too much pasta so I get to have some baked ziti for lunch too!)

Dinner tonight will be Bubby's Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese! (An ultimate favorite of mine - hence the exclamation mark.) I should also probably start cooking for Shabbos. Since the matzah balls, chicken soup, challah and pot roast are all in the freezer there isn't a whole lot to do. The roasted potatoes and roasted garlic can be made tomorrow which leave just a tomato-onion quiche, couscous salad and pistachio sugar cookies to make today. Maybe tomorrow morning we'll even go out for a bit. That would be nice, wouldn't it?

Today I'm going to try to get the last 5 booklets of the never-ending-project finished and maybe I'll do the last 2 loads of laundry. I should really organize the guest-room (considering it's a mess and Pesach is coming) but I'm such a lazy bum.

I realize that I completely forgot to post a link to pictures from the Bar-Mitzvah, so here they are. Also - if you're interested, towards the end of this album are a couple of photos of our costumes from the holiday. (My mom sewed the dress for me when I was about 6 years old - so I decided to recycle it. There's even a cape in the back!)

Alrighty, enough for now - toodles!

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