Monday, March 15, 2010


Somehow it's Monday again.

Quick weekend re-cap - boys for Shabbos. It was really nice. They sang some songs, played some games, got caught up on each others lives - it was a fun weekend all in all. (I'm also pleased to add that the food all came out great and that they polished all 98% of the baked goods and desserts without too much pressure from me.)

Saturday night Sara D. came out to spend the night by us. She had part 1 of the entrance exams at the michlala for next year. She stayed until Sunday afternoon and Z was really excited to have someone to make and enjoy some sushi with for lunch. We lazed around for most of Sunday - not doing much of anything.

There's a crazy heatwave going on here and it's been in the 70's-80's for the last week. On Shabbos morning when I woke up (at 7:00am) it was already 75F in the coolest room in the apartment and there was absolutely no breeze. When there's a breeze it's delightful - when the air is stagnant one wonders where the world's supply of oxygen has disappeared to. Of course, there are also the breezes (like the one that woke me at 4:00 this morning) which are nothing more than hot gusts of sand and grit. I'm not really such of fan of those either.

In other news - I've been on a tea and toast diet since Saturday afternoon. I might have caught the stomach bug that was going around town last week - although I can't figure out where I would've picked it up. I didn't hang out with anybody local and the last time I was in town was on Thursday. It's weird and annoying especially since it's so darn hot and the air is so icky. On the bright side - I'm feeling better than I was yesterday. So I'm going to say it's an improvement overall.

I spent most of the morning on the couch doing nothing of significance. Well, I did paint my nails an awesome shade of Barbie pink and watched 240 minutes worth of TV shows. I also separated all the dirty laundry into piles - I didn't put any in the washer - but I made the piles. Oh yeah, and since I was feeling a bit sadistic (in the heat and all) I decided to bake a single batch of chocolate chip cookies. I chopped up the leftover walnuts and threw them in too, cause I figured, why waste the opportunity to use them up? I used my smallest scooper for scooping purposes and wound up with 82 cookies - from a single batch of dough! How? I have no idea. Seriously - no idea.

Now it's 4:15ish and Z should be Home from school any minute - it's his 'short' day.

I guess I'll offer him some freshly baked cookies as an after-school snack.

Aren't I just the sweetest?

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