Monday, March 08, 2010


This morning started off a little lazily. I lounged around for a bit and drank a huge mug of hot cocoa. When Z left for school I sat myself down and worked for about 2 hours straight. (Well, more or less.) I managed to finish booklet #8 (somehow) and even started booklet #9.

I called Mommy to kvetch because I was really in the mood to bake something yummy. (You know all about my erev-Pesach quandary. I know I shouldn't bake. I know I shouldn't bake. But still - I got so in the mood to make some English Muffins. Or maybe some cinnamon buns. Or possibly some rolls...) Mommy finally convinced me to forget about baking until tomorrow and a few minutes after hanging up the phone my cell phone rang.

It was a new friend from down the block. She invited me to go to the beach, but since I had relatively early dinner plans with Z, I declined. I still got my socializing in though - don't you worry. She came over and we relaxed and baked a full recipe of challah - which was super nice because we turned it into 'segulah challah' - since we got the mitzvah of 'taking challah' and she's in her 9th month. It was also nice because it was an opportunity for me to share something I love doing with someone else. We got 8 nice sized loaves (considering we're only feeding 4 people total - that's plenty) and they came out beautifully! We made 6 in pans and 2 free-form. They all baked up with a nice brown color on top and were soft and moist on the bottoms. Luck of the draw. Must've been the weather, huh?

While the challot were rising for the 2nd time, I decided to cut back the dill in the garden, suddenly the house phone rang. It was a wonderful surprise - Saba & Savta called wish us a Happy Anniversary. It was really special!

By the time Z got home from school the challot were almost done baking - so we waited until they were cool enough to pack up and then headed down the mountain.

We walked via the University and after saying g'bye to our guest, Z and I headed down to Cafe-Cafe for a special anniversary dinner. It was our first time there and we really enjoyed it. The service was good (no waiting 1/2 an hour for a pitcher of water), we got our food within 20 minutes of ordering, the staff was pleasant and the food was relatively delicious. (Compared to my cooking of course, ahem...)

As we made our way to the bus stop (being far too lazy to hike 3 km back up the hill) an 86 drove by. So I pulled out the schedule that I keep in my purse for times such as these and we ascertained that another bus would arrive some time within the next 3-25 minutes. (Real science, huh?) Luckily for us it was closer to 3 minutes than 25 and we were Home in no time.

We struck a bargain - I washed all the dishes while Z did some homework. Then we watched a movie and ate some ice-cream.

Now it's almost 11 and I'm thinking it might be time to go to sleep.

Tomorrow is going to be another busy day.

I've got to return a library book and pick up a package from the post-office. I reckon it's my contact lenses.

Exciting stuff.

Ok, not really - but hey, it's out of the house. Right?

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Rik said...

I'm happy you had such a wonderful anniversary celebration!