Saturday, March 06, 2010

Darn Buzz!

Shabbos was a success. Quiet but not too quiet, relaxing and restful.

Friday morning we visited the mercaz to buy some flowers. As usual we ran into some neighbors and friends so we did a little shmoozing and hanging out. The food prep was quick and easy (considering most of the food came from the freezer.) The most labor intensive part of the meal was making a tomato-onion-cheese-quiche for lunch.

Dinner Friday night was easy peasy. Chicken stock from the freezer got boiled up with fresh onions, carrots, matzah balls (from the freezer) and a couple of tiny fingerling potatoes. The main course was pot roast (which I stole from leftovers from the bar-mitzvah last week) I (re)cooked it on a bed of the cutest little potatoes you ever did see along with some carrot rounds, I put some onion rounds on top and poured on a can of Hunt's tomato-sauce (yup, I've got some reserved for special occasions) and then let the covered cacophony bake for an hour. (It sat on the plata for another 1.5 hours and when we finally sat down to eat the stuff just melted on your tongue. Or so Z said anyway.) I can vouch for the fact that the sauce was really darn good - cause I ate the sauce and vegetables on couscous (which we decided to make at the last minute for the purpose of sauce-consumption.)

Shabbos lunch was light and yummy. A quiche (super tasty since I actually let the onions semi-carmelize, added a bit of extra salt to the 'goop' part and really packed in the cheddar-cheese layer on the bottom.) and a HUGE bowl of greek salad (ok, so it was nothing more than lettuce (sliced not ripped), cucumber, red pepper and shredded bulgarian cheese - but it was soooo refreshing!)

Friday night I won the weekly game of Rummikub and I didn't even cheat!! (I just had to mention this since I know that Z has been checking the blog.)

Shabbos afternoon a few minutes after Z left for Mincha there was a knock at the door. I vaguely recalled Z mentioning something about inviting the neighbors to drop by. A few months ago a couple moved in across the hall from us and they daven at the same shul down by the 'Netzarim Community' so Z usually walks home from shul with them (because I'm usually too lazy to make the 4 km round trip with an elevation of close to 100 meters.) Anywho - since we don't see them at all during the week and they seem like a really nice couple in our age bracket Z figured it'd be nice to spend some time with them. Especially considering they live just across the hall. So it was very nice to sit and shmooze. They checked out our apartment and then after a game of Rummikub we went over and saw their place. (Just want to add that their apartment is quintessentially charming. Most of the furniture is wooden and handcrafted by the Mr. - it was like stepping into a little inn. Wooden wall lamps, a rocking chair - super picturesque and cozy.) They invited us to join them for a 'pub night' - when they turn on some good music, have the wall lamps on for mood lighting and just relax. We'll definitely have to take them up on the offer.

This week should be pretty quiet. Z's got school and I've got 'the-never-ending-project' to work on. Monday night we're planning on going out for dinner to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary! (We missed the English one because it fell out last week smack in the middle of Purim and the bar-mitzvah insanity) but luckily we've got the Hebrew one on Monday night - Tuesday to make up for it. Considering it's the 'Cotton Anniversary' I expect I'll be getting a used undershirt as a gift or something - still - I suppose it's the thought that counts. Right?

My menu plan is all made up for the week and though I've got to do a grocery shopping (because we'll be having guests next weekend) we're going to start using up the 'freezer reserve' in an effort to get ready for Pesach.

I read one book over Shabbos and started a second. I wonder whether I'll finish it during the week or just save it for next weekend. I'm only about 20 pages in and I still have 1/2 a hook-rug to finish before Fredso's birthday. Yeah yeah, I know that isn't until mid-July but as a supreme semi-professional procrastinator I try to take things into account earlier rather than later. (So that I can put off doing them for that much longer - you understand there is a method to my madness.)

I'm so torn about baking and cooking this week. There are so many things I want to make - but I've got to use up what I've got already before I make more. Must control myself - well - must try to anyway.

I really hope that the hardest decision I have to make this week is whether to paint my nails pretty purple or princess pink.

Does that sound really shallow?

Yeah, I guess so.

Oh well - no harm in wishing things were simple.

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Shoshana said...

Cotton? Dovid said I'll get s/t to clean my ears out with! ;)