Thursday, March 25, 2010

Don't get cocky.

It was 7:45 pm and I was waiting for the bus. While walking to the stop I watched 2 buses drive past but had been too far away to make it in time - so I was waiting for the next one. It was foggy and chilly but also quite warm out and I was wearing my winter coat and a pair of sandals - because it seemed like just the right kind of mismatched outfit to go along with the strange sort of weather we were having.

As I stood by the bus stop I noticed that the street-lamp above my head was flickering.


Suddenly a picture of Mickey-Mouse the cat popped into my head. That crazy cat sits at the window sometimes and his ears swivel forwards and back and he yowls something awful. It was like a signal. I wondered who was sending and who was receiving.

Suddenly the light blinked on - a bright blinding white light shone forth. I looked around nervously. The bus-stop is on the dark stretch of the road - just 1/2 a block from buildings but with the hill and the tall grass on both sides it seems almost deserted and quite far from civilization.

For a moment I wondered whether I'd stumbled into a magical world - maybe a strange looking creature would pop up and take me off to some fantastical place...

I'm the first to admit that I've read too many fantasy books and evidently they've left more of an imprint on my imagination than I care to admit.

I shook my head and snapped myself back to reality.

I glanced up and noticed that the light had gone out.

Maybe in my second of doubt I missed my chance...

It didn't really matter either way, my bus was pulling around the circle.

Five minutes later - I was Home.

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