Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Drowning in Holiness

So it's Wednesday again. Go figure. Considering we've only got 5 days left until we leave for Pesach I'm on grocery shopping strike. We're going to eat what we've got in the house and that's it. Never mind the fact that there are only 2 cups of flour and now only 3 eggs (someone decided to make French toast for breakfast without consulting me - even though there were still pancakes in the freezer.)

So what should I do today? Well, I can't clean the couch in the office (cause we still eat all over it) and I feel silly doing laundry since I might as well wait until tomorrow. I forced Z to 'pay the bills' cause I'm old fashioned and think that the guy is supposed to take care of the finances (insert laughter here) - even though paying the bills nowadays is pretty painless - it just means calling an automated machine and punching in a credit-card number.

I thought I might start packing for next week - but considering the fact that my favorite PJs are in the laundry (along with most of my white t-shirts) - I've decided to wait until Sunday.

We're still waiting for the bus company to post a bus schedule for Monday and we're hoping that the train will actually be running according to the schedule that they put out. We're going to have a fun trip to the hotel on Monday. According to our calculations it's going to take us about the same amount of time as it takes us to get to Bet Shemesh. The only difference being that not only do we get to take a bus and the train but we also get to take a cab. A whole lotta ground to cover in about 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Shabbos is going to be quiet and according to the weather-man it may or may not rain from Friday afternoon until Saturday night. I feel a little evil for telling a whole bunch of people that this weekend doesn't work for me to have guests. (Especially considering it's one of the hardest weeks of the year to make Shabbos plans for.) On the other hand - I've had guests for the last 2 weeks and as I mentioned earlier - we haven't really got much left in the house in the way of food and I refuse to buy more until after the holiday.

I've been up since 6:00 this morning - so that's going on about 4 hours now - and I'm not sure how to spend the rest of the day. I'm thinking aside from latch-hook that maybe I'll treat my footsies to a 'spa day' and deal with my callouses (yuck) and maybe I'll even add a splash of color - maybe that awesome red color I bought in Merry-ca.

In other news - I'm waiting for my new bootsies to get here! This past winter I wore my EMU boots from the year before and we decided that next winter I could get a new pair. As luck would have it, the other day I received a notification from the company that I bought my original pair from. They had updated their clearance stock. I figured it couldn't hurt to look - I mean, it's like window shopping. Turns out they had the cutest pair of boots on sale for $50 - oh yeah - and they only had my size left.
That's like 184 NIS for top-of-the-line Australian Merino wool lined boots. Best part is that this company is uber-reliable and did I mention that the price includes shipping? Seriously, they guarantee to pay for any VAT or import duties that get levied on the packages that they've shipped. Aren't they cute? I think so. Really really think so.

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