Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jennifer Spotted Horse...

I know - 2 posts in one day. When's the last time that happened?

I had a few extra thoughts that came to me and wanted to jot them down - because you're my voluntary captive audience - so why not...

#1 - We have friends to keep us sane and help us de-confuse ourselves in moments of vast confusion and to remind us that when chocolate is not an option there is always lemon.

#2 - If you've got a pot of chicken soup boiling over a large flame and move it to a smaller burner but turn the heat up higher than it had been on the first flame then chances are the soup will boil over and make a mess of the stovetop that you have been hoping you wouldn't have to wash.

#3 - ALWAYS remember to shake out the tiny-little-shaving-hairs from your husband's undershirt before washing it. Especially if you're forgetful and are going to wind up washing it with your own clothing rather than with the towels the way you usually do.

#4 - Buy an icing kit. You know - a good sturdy bag and a set of tips. Cause cupcakes with frosting shmeared on top (cream cheese on bagel style) just aren't living up to their potential.

#5 - As a general rule - don't overfill. This includes, cupcake and muffin tins, bundt pans, washing machines, bottles, clothing closets and many many other things.

#6 - There comes a point when there are too many plastic bottles and shopping bags in the house.

#7 - If you haven't eaten it yet you probably aren't going to.

#8 - Eating really hot soup at a low coffee table while checking your e-mail and talking on the phone is much harder than it seems.

#9 - Nail Polish Remover and Isopropyl Alcohol both get glue-goo off of stuff - but Alcohol can not be used in place of nail-polish remover to remove nail-polish.

#10 - Sometimes you do strange favors for strange people because you know that at the end of the day there's a good story behind it - and if there isn't - at least you've done a strange deed for the day.

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