Monday, March 22, 2010

Late Again Watson...

Hello blogosphere! Happy Monday Evening! I've been super busy doing not-much-of-anything but as we all know - I'm extremely good at doing just that.

Shabbos was great. We had friends from the other side of town sleep over Friday night (The meal went quite well. Roasted Garlic, chumus, challah, chicken soup, meatballs, honey-mustard breaded shnitzel, white rice, green beans, roasted glazed sweet potatoes and a whole bunch of desserts.) We played some quarto and shmoozed until it was later than any of us are accustomed to going to sleep. Shabbos morning we all made our way to shul to attend the bris of another friend's new little baby. We also stayed there for the seudah which was a really nice gathering.

Sunday was a relatively lazy day. Z worked on a school project from 9AM until about 3AM Monday morning and I put in my 15 cents or so just for the heck of it. I was smart and went to sleep at 10PM just because I could.

This morning I woke up at 6 (probably because my body doesn't know what to do with more than 8 hours of sleep) and I wandered around the apartment trying to decide what to occupy myself with. I spent an hour and a half laying out a booklet for the 'never-ending-project' and after finishing that I wasted some time catching up on TV shows.

I decided early in the day that dinner would be extremely chalavi. (I haven't had a drop of dairy in the last 10 days - since the outbreak of the crazy instamatic flu - but since I've been feeling back to myself, I figured it was worth it. Cause for me 10 days without cheese is a really long time.) So I pulled a container of thick and creamy homemade broccoli cheddar soup out of the freezer and contemplated the perfect accompaniment for dipping purposes. Since the soup already had cheddar in it I figured that would be the best ingredient to include. I debated between homemade cheddar crackers (like little Ritz Bits) and cheese stuffed soft pretzels.

Obviously the pretzels won. Z actually made the dough and then we rolled and stuffed them together.
They got a quick HOT bath in boiling water and baking powder to give them their characteristically chewy exteriors. Then after an egg-wash and a salt-sprinkle we baked them.
They came out ridiculously delicious. Just the right size, and most of them were actually sealed well so they kept their gooey cheesy centers inside instead of all over the baking pan.
We're getting closer to Pesach each day. I'm pleased to announce that the freezer is just about emptied. Not completely yet - but we're definitely getting there. Even though we're not making Pesach I still want to empty as much as I can - it's a good chance to start fresh. (I figure this is a wise move since I found a bag of milk with an expiration date from July 2009 in there...)

Tomorrow morning I'm going on an excursion to the mercaz to get a key copied and run some other errands. I might even visit the library and pick up some books for next week.

Dinner tomorrow night will probably involve using up the last container of homemade marinara sauce that's in the freezer. I just have to figure out what else to serve with it.

G'night mush...

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