Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Scotch - Tape

2 worthwhile days in a row. I'm on a roll.

This morning I 1/2 made lunch for Z, I walked with him to school and then went to the 3rd bus-stop on the route. The bus arrived right on time and I headed over to the mercaz of Ariel. First stop was at the library, then I picked up my package at the post office (it was my contact lenses alright.) Then I browsed around the health-food store (but restrained myself from buying anything) and picked up some cheese at Mega which I need for Shabbos lunch. (Mmmmm, the cheesy tasty goodness of potato gratin...I'll use 'kosher salt' this time.)

I had a quick 5 minute wait for the bus back and was Home again in no time.

The weather is heat-wave hot but it takes a couple of days for the sun to warm up the concrete walls of the building so although the sun outside was unbearably hot for a bit, inside it was delightfully cool. Then again, we also have that incredible breeze from the hillside.

I was a good worker-bee today. I finished up the download-able booklets #'s 9, 10 & 11. Which means that officially all of the 'official'-booklets are now finished. 3 cheers for being a step closer to being done with the never-ending-project!

I also did a whole lot of laundry today. Where does it come from? Seriously! I just don't understand. There are only 2 of us and I was caught up on Friday but by Tuesday there are enough dirty clothes to do both a light load and a dark load. (Not to mention that this week I have to wash the linens for the guest room - since they've been slept in by 2 sets of guests and have been sitting and getting dusty since we had our guests - which was more than a couple of weeks ago.) Anyway - suffice it to say that with dirty kitchen towels and all the sheets I managed to rack up about 4 loads of laundry today and I still have at least another 2 to do tomorrow. Sure is a good thing I've got a 'quick wash' cycle and that it's a 'smart washer' - at least I'm not wasting oodles and oodles of extra water and electricity.

I spoke with The Dibble on the phone earlier. He's quite a funny kid. I decided that I would send him a letter. So I typed up a funny letter, and concocted an envelope out of another piece of paper and I've got to mail it to him next time I go into town. Funny thing is - the paper I printed on is a pale yellow color and I made the envelope out of a piece of white computer paper so every time I think about it I can't help but think of a hardboiled egg and that makes me giggle uncontrollably for a couple of minutes, until I calm down and then of course I notice it again and the giggling resumes.

Can you tell I'm in a kind of funny mood?

Tomorrow morning Z and I are supposed to go out to Yesh to do our (bi)weekly shopping. The whole '3 weeks before Pesach' thing is making it very hard for me to plan my grocery shopping excursions. Really we just need stuff for Shabbos - and mostly fruits and veggies at that.

Alrighty - time to go make dinner. I just got 'the call' that class is ending a bit early today and that somebody is on their way home...

Pasta with homemade marinara sauce anybody?

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