Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Stilts and Bicycles...

I'm back from the craziest weekend in ages! All blame can be put on 2 small words - Ezri's Bar-mitzvah. Last Wednesday night The Crazy Lady & The Mad Man drove out to pick us up at around 11PM. Thursday morning was a fast day but we spent almost the whole day in the kitchen getting stuff ready. Ditto for Friday (I had my hands in a whole lot of the food including; 4 deli rolls, enough white rice for 50 people, oven-browned potatoes, chicken soup, green beans, assorted salads, assorted desserts and other stuff.) We made a trip to Lamed-Hey in the pouring rain to pick up salads and other edible goodies and by the time Shabbos rolled around we were all exhausted. No rest for the weary though - we hosted meals at the shul for 50 people both Friday night and Shabbat lunch and there was a kiddush after shul too.

Motza"sh was megillah reading and cleaning up the social-hall to set up for the purim seudah which we had invited about 50 people to. Following the meal the kehillah was invited to join us for desserts. The party got a bit rained out - so there were only about 80 people (instead of the 150-200 that there could have potentially been.) Nonetheless it was nice and festive. The dessert table was set beautifully and the meal itself was delicious.

On Monday we hung around Bet-Shemesh all day and I attended a 'sadna' given by Moonbeam's drum-teacher about African music and Jazz. At around 9PM The Crazy Lady drove us back Home.

Yesterday Z went back to school and I did a bit of work on the never-ending-project. For dinner I was feeling like a lazy bum so I did a quick rummage through the cabinet and fridge and found; 3 mushy tomatoes, a small onion and a couple of bags of mostly empty pasta. So I cooked up the noodles. While the noodles were cooking I sauteed the onion (which I had diced quite finely) until it was translucent, then I added the tomatoes (which I had seeded and chopped as small as I would chop them for Israeli Salad), I let everything start to cook down and liquefy and then seasoned with some salt, pepper, garlic powder and parsley. Finally I stirred in the pasta with the 'sauce' and dished it all out into bowls. I topped the whole shebang with some grated bulgarian cheese and we were good to go. It was quite yummy and the only comment we had about it was that I probably should've made some more.

In other news - our dud chashmal has gone kaput again. Since the last time that they repaired it - it whacks out and every third time or so that you try to turn it on it shorts out the whole apartment. However, since yesterday it's been impossible to turn on. So I contacted the company who installed it (it's still under warranty) and supposedly they'll come tomorrow to fix it. I hope they do because it's gotten cold out again and ice-cold showers are not the most pleasant way to start off a chilly day.

Back to the topic of food - I'm trying to figure out how to use up everything most efficiently before Pesach gets here. We're 1 short month away and my freezer is packed to capacity. I've got: 3 kinds of soups, 2 lasagnas, a bunch of baked goods, a ton of potato borekas, matzah balls, challah rolls and more...

Wait a second - Pesach is 1 month away?! Yikes! I have to schedule in some sort of cleaning-type-activity. Hahaha. Yeah, right.

Okey dokey, I'm gonna go do some more work.

Maybe I'll find a snack first.

What else is new?

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