Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two Ate-y Sicks...

Just a quick and slightly kvetchy post (to vent some frustration and aggravation.)

I hate the 'instamatic flu' and don't understand why it's taking so darn long to go away. Not only did it steal an awesome motzash of fun and noshing with Sara, but it stole pancakes from my lazy Sunday morning and it just robbed me of an overnight trip out of town.

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling significantly better than I had been on Saturday night and this morning although I was still sort of icky-feeling I figured it would clear up.

Z rearranged his schedule and got permission to miss almost all of his classes and we figured out what bus we needed to catch in order to catch a train and go to Bet Shemesh so that we could join the family at the hachnasat sefer torah - and everything seemed great - we were packed and ready to go. Z went to his first class of the day and we were going to catch a bus at 1:15pm.

However - my stomach had other ideas.

Suffice it to say that now I'm moping on my couch eating an ice-pop so I don't dehydrate and I won't be going anywhere for the next little while.

I'm planning a big pot of relatively bland vegetable soup for dinner for myself. Z is welcome to add seasonings - but I don't have much faith in my tummy to hold onto it for too long.

Apologies if that was too much information or if you wanted a happy post. Today is just not shaping up to be that kind of day.

Hopefully we'll be back to smiles and sunshine tomorrow.

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