Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Assumption & Gumption

Today started off bright and early for me. I took a stroll down the mountain with Z (well, I walked him most of the way to school) and I actually dropped the letter into the mailbox - so if the postal people actually collect the mail in any sort of a timely manner the intended recipient should receive my correspondence sometime early next week.

After walking back up the hill I watered the plants and sat around doing not much of anything really. I watched a movie and 3 episodes of a TV show that I had to catch up on since I hadn't watched it over Pesach break.

I finally got bored of watching pointless shows and decided to take an afternoon nap. Lo and behold just as I drifted off into dreamland my cell-phone rang. It was the friend that we're going to for Shabbos. She wanted to know what time we'd be arriving on Friday and whether I could bring dessert because, and I quote "your cookies are always so yummy." Ah, music to my ears.

Since the week before Pesach I've been craving chewy oatmeal cookies. Preferably with craisins in them. Only thing I didn't have was a recipe. So, I decided that this was the opportunity to do some testing. I found 2 possibilities, headed to the kitchen and realized that I only had enough margarine to make 1 of them. No problem though - the one I chose came out really deliciously. (I'll try the other one next week.) I scooped 1/2 the dough with just craisins in the batter and to the other half I mixed in some white chocolate chips with the dried fruits (just so that nobody could accuse me of trying to bake healthful things.) Now I've got 79 cookies bagged and tagged in the freezer, 11 on the counter for Z to enjoy and 1 in my belly - which thankfully filled my craving criteria. I'll take 40 of them for Shabbos and the rest can hang-tight until they're needed.

In other food news I baked the white bread last night and by the time it came out of the oven Z had waltzed in from school and requested soup to go along with one of the fresh loaves. So we put up a pot of tomato vegetable soup and after much debate I let him pour in a can of stupid little white beans. Which - *gulp* - I actually ate! (Almost a quarter of a century old and I'm finally learning to eat beans. Go figure.)

So now I'm debating what to make for dinner tonight. Maybe that mac n' cheese that I've been pushing off? Guess we'll see.

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