Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Canned Air...

Yesterday was what I consider to be an 'in-house productive day' - I did laundry, I cooked, I cleaned, I dealt with a Netvision technician, I actually got dressed, I colored in a coloring book, I worked on 'the neverending project' for 3.5 hours... I did stuff. Lots of stuff. Except I didn't actually leave the house.

Last night Z worked on some homework which involved water-colors. He didn't want me to be bored so he suggested I keep him company and color. Sometimes I really do feel like a 2 year old...
Dinner last night was awesome. I finally semi-quenched my ravioli craving. We drowned the raviolis in a homemade chunky tomato-cream sauce (which tasted kind of like a'la vodka - only we didn't add any vodka - must've been the red-pepper-flakes we sprinkled in...) I also made these awesome otameal dinner rolls. They were light and fluffy and incredible with the sauce, and plain and they froze beautifully and we had them for breakfast this morning - I smeared on butter and grape jelly and Z (ever the purist) enjoyed his plain, just warm from the microwave.
In response to a comment on Sundays post - I'd like to introduce our bestest friend - Fuzz. His real name is Oscar Be Wild. He was a lot more wild when he was an eensy little puppy, but he's gotten much better as he's grown (and grown he has.) As I mentioned, he spent Pesach and 2 extra weeks and Doggy Summer Camp - there he made some friend (well, with the trainers anyway) and learned how to be a mellow sort of fellow when the situation demands. It took a couple of days for him to revert to his twinkle-in-the-eye self when he got home - but he's pretty much back to himself now - except that toes are now safe from his chompers and he jumps a whole lot less.
It's Pesach Sheni time so I'm trying to decide what to make for dinner. Definitely matzah maybe mashed potatoes and chicken of some sort. (Or I could make a kitniyot dinner - hahaha - like, a 'wishful Pesach dream')

I just did a serious cutting back of all the herbs in the 'garden' - I noticed that the parsley is getting bit buggy (baaaad news...) so I moved it away from the other stuff. I guess I'll have to do some research and figure out what to spray it with. Also, my dill had gone wiiiild and was all over the place - so I cut it all down to a manageable height.

Since it's 12:20PM I should probably get dressed (I've been up since 9 but have been working for a while.) I've got to take out the garbage and should really do a vegetable-run (since the selection in stores on Sunday was umm, well - let's just say I only bought 2 cucumbers and a bag of potatoes...) While I'm at it maybe I should wash the dinner dishes from last night - except that involves putting away the clean dry dishes that are on the draining racks. I just can't win sometimes.

Guess I should get a move on...


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