Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happiness = Enigma

Gosh, the days fly by. Wednesday Z & I went to Yesh to re-stock our pantry but the store was half-empty. I don't mean of customers, there were plenty of those - I mean the shelves. Not to mention that the meat counter was closed up and the frozen meat section was no better, containing only 2 packages of frozen chicken breast and 1 half-opened package of chicken legs&thighs. (It was a shame we were shopping for Shabbos.) There also weren't any vegetables to speak of, aside from a few mushy green peppers and a couple of spotty zucchinis. I quickly decided that Shabbos dinner would have to come from the depths of the freezer at home and luckily I had 1/2 a kilo of chopped meat left - so meatballs it was.

I spent all of Thursday working on 'the neverending project' and realized that now that it's officially 'after Pesach' that I have got to go and get this whole 'cheshbonit' situation sorted out so that I can freelance legally and give out receipts for graphics services provided. (It's just a matter of finding out the bazillion offices I have to visit and which forms to fill out and figuring out how to keep everything organized and essentially starting and running my own business. All in all it's a bit too nerve-wracking for me to actually contemplate - that's why it's now April and I still don't have the stupid receipt-books yet.)

Friday was a supremely lazy day. We woke up early and went into town to pick up a couple of vegetables and a bouquet of flowers for Shabbos. The cooking was done by 1:00 and everything smelled delicious. Friday night we had roasted garlic, chumus, 1/2 whole wheat challah, chicken soup and matzah balls (from the freezer), saucepot meatballs, bucatini pastas and honey-carrots. Shabbos lunch was light and delectable; mini-tomato-onion-cheese quiches (I LOVE making them in my silicon muffin trays - they pop right out! No fuss!), red pepper and carrot sticks for chumus dipping purposes, a little lettuce salad, and some roasted garlic and chumus for with the challah.

We don't have too many plans for today. It's Sunday and Z has to finish cutting out pieces for a HUGE mid-term-model-project that's due on Thursday (I've been helping him with the gluing portion of the project to help speed up the process.) The only other thing to do today is bake some more white bread. I have been informed that the white bread that I baked last week was so good that it has become the sandwich bread of choice. (Did I mention that it tastes better than Wonderbread and doesn't have any of those nasty chemicals in it?)

This week I'm hoping that the parents come to visit (purely selfish motives there - I want to do a big shopping at Yesh and for that I need a car - of course I'm offering to cook up a palate pleasing lunch of a pareve persuasion...but I have to wait and hear from them.) On Thursday I'm going to Jeru to meet up with Feige (cause it's been months and months) and for Shabbos Z & I will be heading to Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu to spend the weekend with Ayala. (Although I'm looking forward to spending time with Ayala, I'm less thrilled about the weatherman's prediction of a supreme heatwave which is supposedly going to push the mercury up and above 100F on Saturday in that particular corner of our lovely little country...)

In other news I'm debating starting a proper 'food-blog' but don't think it's worth it. Although I've got plenty of pictures and recipes, I'm just too lazy to commit myself to that kind of endeavor. I have no goals when I'm in the kitchen aside from creating something edible, I'm honestly there because I like to be. I don't want it to become a whole 'must blog a post' thing. I mean, I can't even keep up with this blog on a regular basis - why would I start another one?! On second thought, I think I'll leave well enough alone.

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